Nov. 27, 2013

Thanks offered for all who donated blood at UMC

To the editor:

I want to thank the generous people who came to the Canby United Methodist Church on Tuesday, Nov. 19, to donate blood. We received 67 units which was a little low, but needed with Thanksgiving coming up. It means possibly 201 people will have another chance at life.

I also want to thank Boy Scout Troop 505 for its help after school, because many of our people in the church find it hard to work on the drive after dark.

The next large community Red Cross drive will be at the Bethany Church on Jan. 14.

Keith Murphy


Molalla River story has more perspectives to hear

To the editor:

The next time you do a story about the recovery of wild native fish in the Molalla River, you may want to include the perspective of a wild fish advocacy group like the Native Fish Society ( There is much more to the recovery story than just the additional fishing opportunities provided by robust populations of naturally producing native fish.

Jim Myrons


Thanksgiving wishes for Canby police and fire

To the editor:

Wishing “Happy Thanksgiving’s” day blessings to Canby’s police and fire departments. Thank you for all that you do.

Darlene Pieri


Obama’s approval rating should be even lower

To the editor:

How grievous that Mr. Obama’s approval rating remains above 30 percent. Anyone who supports the current occupant of the White House falls into one of four categories: low-information citizen; naïve enough to be fooled; in agreement with a radical left political-religious ideology; one who takes for granted or fails to understand the ideals which provide liberty in our constitutional republic.

Why are we surprised by Mr. Obama’s lies and broken promises? Of course “Affordable Health Act” is not “affordable. Of course loss of insurance policies will be required by a government power grab of our entire health system and thinking citizens knew it the first time they heard, “If you like your health care, you can keep it.”

Of course they will lie about Benghazi and block testimony from witnesses — to hide lazy incompetence at best or collusion with the enemy at worst.

How pathetic that another lie marred our Armistice Day honor of patriotic veterans when our president promised them, “We will stand by your side” — only a few weeks after he spent thousands of our tax dollars to barricade these same veterans from their World War II open air memorial in Washington, D.C.

Of course Mr. Obama is flippant about the chaotic health care roll out because he stated early that he really wants a one-payer government-controlled health insurance system “but we’ll have to get there step by step.” Intentional chaos — “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Meanwhile, tear down the present system. Step two coming up. “Sorry you’re suffering, folks.”

Herein lies the irony of arrogant leaders posing as “gods” preaching an imagined utopia of social justice and equality for all — free of pain and poverty — even if they have to hate, maim and kill people or a country in order to get there.

Patricia Smith


Was use of ‘hell’ really necessary in Herald story?

To the editor:

Every week I look forward to receiving the Canby Herald and reading it from the front to the back page. When I unfolded this week’s paper (Nov. 20, 2013) I was taken aback by the four letter word expletive used in the subtitle of the front paper article.

Really? Is it really necessary to use offensive words to get your readers’ attention? Professional journalists should not have to use bad language to prove their point or draw their readers into the story they want to tell.

The Herald is found in doctors’ offices, school libraries and churches’ reception rooms all over town.

Please, in the future, do not use offensive language in your paper. We hear it enough every day all around us. We don’t need to read it in our local paper too. Thank you.

Jeannine Wibbels


VFW post’s spaghetti dinner was a huge success

To the editor:

The Canby-Aurora VFW 6057 Post/Auxiliary wishes to thank the Canby Herald for all the announcements of our very successful spaghetti dinner last Saturday.

“Thankful for Our Veterans” and honoring the Korean War Veterans on the 60th anniversary of the signing of the cease fire agreement were our themes for the dinner.

Old friends and new came from the Canby area, and everyone had great fun winning raffle and door prizes, singing happy birthday to the September-November celebrants and eating cake during the evening.

Our veterans were honored and remembered as they all stood up to be recognized according to their branch of service and everyone was reminded by these veterans that freedom is not free, and it is they that should be thanked for our freedoms we have today.

For these blessings, we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

John Lance, commander

Lisa White, auxiliary president

Canby-Aurora VFW

6057 Post-Auxiliary

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