Canby-Aurora VFW post hosts Aurora Fire District

To the editor:

The Canby-Aurora VFW 6057 post and auxiliary, in our effort to recognize local people and organizations in our own community who are making a real difference, made chili, cornbread, salads and desert for an appreciation night at the Aurora Fire District.

The dinner was well attended by both fireman and VFW ladies and men. All we really knew about Aurora was that it is one of the fire departments that really saved the legion hall when the building next door burned to the ground.

As Americans, we take so much for granted and I would like to encourage you to visit your fire and police departments, all your schools, our VFW and American Legion, city councils and other service organizations to see for yourself what they are doing to protect and help you in so many ways.

A lot of these people are volunteers but their hearts are huge. A little thank you and appreciation goes a long ways.

Bernadine Ward

VFW Auxiliary 6057

Students behavior was positive at geography bee

To the editor:

My wife and I were invited to attend the National Geographic Geography Bee held at Baker Prairie Middle School on Jan. 10, in which our granddaughter was a participant. We arrived a few minutes early and took a seat in the bleachers as we watched final preparations and all was quiet and calm.

Soon, the doors opened and the entire student body of about 600 students flowed in and the room came alive in laughter and jubilant normal teen conversation. As soon as Principal Turner addressed the students with the microphone, the room went respectfully silent as she explained the rules and expectations of us all as we prepared to watch the much anticipated event.

Wow, we were so impressed at how courteous and respectful the student body was during the entire assembly. What an awesome room full of energetic students and staff. Thanks for your hospitality and great example. The future looks bright with you guys coming along.

We look forward to being invited next year.

Scott and Roseann Crum


Thanks offered for help at critical time

To the editor:

Having a grandson who is a firefighter-EMT in Washington (he just received his lieutenant’s bars) and a stepson who served with distinction for 30 years with the Portland Fire Bureau, I have grown to know and deeply respect the essential services the Canby Fire District provides. I am sorry Canby will soon lose Chief Ted Kunze’s outstanding leadership because of retirement.

My respect for this department’s professional work was further deepened recently. I experienced an emergency medical event very early on Jan. 4. Fire district help arrived so quickly after my wife’s 911 call. As they transported me to Meridian Park Hospital, the men were totally professional. They worked as an effective team and were so very clear in their communication with me, as well as among themselves.

These men were: John Footman, Damian Peters and Nic Newcomb.

Thanks so much for your outstanding leadership over the years. The high quality of professional and caring services of the Canby Fire and Rescue deserves the highest accolades.

Tom Olson


Councilors finally giving taxpayers a say on library

To the editor:

Last Wednesday evening, our city councilors took that long-awaited step to allow Canby citizens to vote on a new library-civic center combination building. They worked really hard to develop ballot language that clearly states how they intend to best use that money.

As you probably know, the city has no choice but to spend that money; it was committed by a 4-3 vote of the previous council and former mayor back in 2012. Fortunately for us taxpayers, this council intends to give us the right to vote on this project.

This will be the first time in the life of the URD (begun in 1999) that citizens will have the right to vote on any of these multi-million dollar projects.

My hat goes off to this city council. They got it right. They withstood a lot of unwarranted abuse, yet they persisted with their vision for the city, were gracious at all times and did the right thing.

Mayor Hodson has patiently guided a deeply divided council into a smoothly working team, with common vision and the city’s best interests at heart.

We are lucky to have them at the helm of this city. When you see them on the street, be sure to thank them. Tell them that you appreciate their maturity and leadership.

Bob Backstrom


Moving on to a new Canby Library project could be a good idea

To the editor:

Personally, I’m glad to see that the idea of a new library isn’t dead in Canby.

After reading last week’s Herald about the new direction, I had renewed enthusiasm for the project. Perhaps it is best to wipe the slate clean and begin with a new concept and a new plan.

It is obvious that the last two ideas either didn’t fit with people’s ideas of what we should build or simply weren’t doable. And let’s face it, it brought out personal attacks that were childish, to say the least. Onward and upward, Canby.

Bruce Sullivan


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