Aurora Fire District ballot measure worthy of ‘yes’ vote

To the editor:

I urge you to support our volunteer firefighters with a “yes” vote on the Aurora Fire District Ballot Measure 24-367. Our volunteers donate hundreds of hours each year training and responding on fire and medical emergencies in our community.

A “yes” vote on 24-367 will allow us to update facilities and replace apparatus so these dedicated individuals are well-equipped and trained to safely respond to your emergencies. These men and women take time away from their families and friends to protect you. Please vote “yes” on 24-367 to protect them.

Rod Yoder


Recent donations will help Thelma’s Place with fundraising

To the editor:

A recent donation of a Honda Accord, a motor home and a Ford truck will make such a difference to the success of the programs at Thelma’s Place. Every dollar will go to scholarship programs, supplies and the day-to-day operation of this local nonprofit.

Thelma’s Place, located at 352 NW Second Ave. in Canby, is very grateful to these individuals for donating their vehicles to help support our respite program for people and their families living with memory loss. In return, they receive a tax deductible donation.

For more information on programs at Thelma’s Place visit Help Thelma’s Place continue to make a difference in the lives of people living with memory loss by donating your car, truck, motor home, travel trailer or motorcycle. You vehicle will be picked up free within 24-48 hours when you call Erik Berkey at 503-310-8004.

Mary Reitan

Thelma’s Place


Theft of solar lantern a source of good karma

To the editor:

This is a follow-up to the letter to the editor printed in the last issue of the Canby Herald. I had written a karma message to the person(s) that decided to take a solar lantern from my yard. No, the scoundrel did not return the lantern, but a heartwarming response resulted.

The backstory is that I lost my oldest son to Glioblastoma a year and a half ago, and he had a wonderful group of friends. One of those friends left a beautiful new solar lantern on my front porch a few days after I sent the editorial to the Herald and had posted a Think Karma sign where the lantern once hung. On the top of the box, the friend wrote: "Kerry would have wanted us to get this for you.

From a concerned neighbor and Kerry's friend." Good Karma will follow you. Thank you for your kind heart.

Vickie Beiser


Passage of North Marion levy offers other benefits

To the editor:

As lifelong community members of the North Marion School District with two children in North Marion High, we respectfully ask you to join us in supporting the four- year levy currently on this May’s ballot. We are regulars at the school board meetings and we see first-hand the topics and issues that our district is facing, with dwindling resources.

The board works diligently to meet the ever changing-growing demands put upon them by all of us; the community and government. They do a great job, but much more can be done with these temporary funds — especially with the extra $300,000 in ‘free’ money from the state.

We all benefit from the availability of good educational opportunities in our community, whether we have children in school or not. Good schools attract quality people to our community and make it easier to maintain the value of our property.

Giving our kids the best educational resources within a safe and desirable place to learn will help them reach their maximum potential and excel with confidence. Please join us in voting ‘yes’! Thank you for your support!

Adrian and Mariella Kauffman


Aurora bond measure will help with fire services

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to show support of the Aurora Fire District Bond Measure 24-367. I have been a volunteer fire fighter with the Aurora Fire District for the past five years. Our community is growing and the fire district has to grow with it.

I see the need for the community to have a faster response in case an emergency arises. With a centrally located station, the response time can be improved in most cases. Our fire apparatus is old and breaking down often. I would hate for us to en route to an emergency and have the equipment fail. The need for reliable equipment is crucial when the time arises. The Donald and Aurora stations are due for seismic upgrades and this bond 24-367 will allow for these changes to be made. These stations are not going to be closed. This bond is for our community to grow. It is for our kids' future as volunteers within our community.

Lieutenant Chuck Cox



Recreational use of marijuana not a medical issue

To the editor

Reading all the debatable comments on the subject of marijuana in Canby and Oregon, I cannot help but wonder. First, I would not refuse marijuana to any medically needy person, however, I personally would not appreciate the open businesses selling marijuana for recreational use.

I cannot understand when medicine and recreation become compatible. Recreation used to be understood as a fun and enjoyable pastime. I wonder how getting high, confused and out of touch with your surroundings and unable to function as a responsible person became recreational.

I just cannot convince myself that being around a person in this incompatible condition driving beside me on Highway 99E is something I can feel safe and comfortable doing.

Medicated patients on a prescription dose would most likely be home with assistance from a responsible caregiver.

I believe driving while drunk or on any physically altering substance is still illegal, and I can live with that. Medication is one thing, but recreational marijuana is nothing more than a “pot head” excuse.

Edith Pavlicek


Couldn’t agree more with city’s stand on pot sales

To the editor:

I couldn’t agree more with the stance that city has taken in tightening the city’s ordinance for businesses that might want to sell marijuana in Canby.

My feeling is that Canby is not “that kind of place,” the kind of place where we want to see that in our world. I applaud the city for being proactive in moving in that direction for the betterment of the city.

Ronald Dawson


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