Repeated attempts to get light fixed not working

To the editor:

What a lovely city Canby is and I know how hard the city employees work to keep it that way. I also realize the budget is tight, it always is. But safety is all important.

My chorus (Cascade Harmony Chorus) practices at the Canby Adult Center every Monday night. Some months ago one of our members had an accident in the parking lot because the parking lot light was not working.

I contacted the city and they said it would be taken care of. When it didn't happen, I went back. It didn't happen. I then talked to public works on two occasions and it did not happen.

The city is looking at a lawsuit because of this accident, and we feel more accidents will happen if the parking lot lights are not fixed.

We've tried the talk to the city route, now it's time to get the public aware of the issue.

Joyce Peters


Slice of Summer helps make Canby feel like a community

To the editor:

Year after year I attend several, if not all, of the Slice of Summer music shows and continue to find myself enjoying them more and more.

This note is to thank all the volunteers who put the Slice of Summer program on. It is a wonderful addition to the summertime schedule in Canby and really offers a nice evening break for music lovers.

I also want to thank the Canby Herald for promoting the shows as they do. It’s a good reminder to all of us about the wonderful music that is going on downtown. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

Canby’s Slice of Summer, along with the many other musical and theater offerings in this town, provide a wonderful backdrop to what Canby is all about.

To all the Slice of Summer volunteers and those who volunteer on all those other events, thank you for all you do.

Karen Simonton


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