EDITOR SCHMEDITOR: Opinion column written by Canby Herald Editor John Baker, who suggests the cancelation of Canby's Slice of Summer music in the park concert series would be a major loss for the community

Did you see the letter on page four of our print edition this week, the one that spells out a possible sad ending to a great Canby Tradition?

It's right up there under the "letters" section, you can't miss it because there are only two letter up there and they aren't very long. Go ahead, take a look (it's also available to read on our website under the "opinion" section) and let it sink in a bit that the annual Slice of Summer concert series may very well be no more.STOCK IMAGE - EDITOR SCHMEDITOR

When I first got this letter I expressed my sadness at what has transpired. My hope is that you'll digest it and come to have the same feelings. No more Slice of Summer? That seems impossible in Canby.

And yet, as we're told, it isn't impossible, it's probable at this point.

I focus your attention on this development for several reasons, the first of which is to point out what a treasure this annual summer concert series is to the community. Many were the nights Wait Park was filled with people on blankets or lawn chairs listening to what was annually a wonderfully eclectic music program from week to week during the summer.

I used to come up here when I was much younger with my mother and listen to the music. It was a breath of creative air during those warm summer weeks. The people were friendly, the music was always enjoyable – it was just so Canby.

And now it likely is disappearing.

Canby is such a fun community on a normal basis, but the summer months kind of see things kicked up a notch or two.

There are festivals, events, fun and games most weekends during the summer months and they have always served to remind me of what makes Canby special – the ability to see your village turn from small town to decent-sized Oregon city while still creating the small town vibe. STOCK IMAGE - Pamplin Media Group

Canby does that just about as well as it can be done and Slice of Summer played an important role in that vibe.

To see it gone just doesn't make sense to me. And I can't help but think it doesn't make sense to a lot of you, too.

Here's the issue, though. The Canby Music Boosters, which has run the Slice for years, has to move on to other things and was hopeful of landing some other group to put the event on. That other group hasn't materialized and the result is the Slice may go bye-bye.

The Music Boosters have approached several other entities looking for someone to take hold of the Slice and drive that musical wagon forward, but have found no takers.

Anyone interested in organizing the Slice has to be registered as a nonprofit to accept tax deductible donations, and I can't help but think that there's a group of energetic folk out there who just might be looking for a project that will impact this community year-to-year. Well, I've got one right here for you – rekindle the musical fire that has always been Slice of Summer.

I don't want to see the Slice of Summer die. And I'm guessing that most people in this town who are familiar with the program don't want that to happen as well. But the death throes for Slice of Summer are already upon us and unless a group steps to the fore in the very near future, 2017 will be a summer that Slice forgot. And once forgotten, we all know how hard it is to resurrect something like this. It takes time, effort, patience, diligence and a wonderful sense of optimism to rekindle a creative spark that's been put out like this.

My hope is that within the Canby landscape, there are those who will feel the pull of keeping the tradition of Slice of Summer alive. Canby offers summer much each year in the summer months, and Slice fits very nicely into the overall package. Leaving it would, in my estimation, create a package just a little less joyful and full moving forward.

Let's see if someone will change the story happening at the top of the page.

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