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To say I was shocked to read that the Slice of Summer program will not be going this year is an understatement. It is a sad thing that the program can't continue, but I think we all have to realize that people get drained putting things like this one year after year. Every good program that is run by volunteers will, eventually, need new blood to keep it going.STOCK IMAGE - Pamplin Media Group

I appreciated John Baker's column on the subject in the same issue of the Herald. He makes some wonderful points about the program and what it brings to this area. And like he (and many others, I'm sure), I hope that some group or some group of individuals comes through to resurrect Slice of Summer for next year.

But until we find out, I just want to tell those who were putting it on that I appreciate all the hard work that went into Slice of Summer. I appreciated the music and the time to visit with friends around the Canby park.

Calvin Ralston

Oregon City

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