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To the editor:

Looking for a small town traditional Fourth of July parade, my daughter and I eagerly took my 3-year-old grandson to Canby this morning. We arrived a few minutes before the start and found great curbside seats one block from the beginning of the parade. We felt excited to be part of the crowd of various ages decked out in their patriotic colored clothing and anticipation in the air. My grandson had a flag to wave.STOCK IMAGE - Pamplin Media Group

Unbelievably to us, after the solemn color guard passed by, everyone in the crowd went berserk pushing and shoving in front of us with collection bags right out to the middle of the street where the participants were passing by. What created this mini riot? Candy.

Vast quantities of candy being thrown by each person riding or walking in the parade. People on the sidelines couldn't seem to get enough and were obviously there not to celebrate the Fourth of July but to collect so much candy it put Halloween to shame. I couldn't even tell you what the parade entries were.

All I saw were people rummaging for candy. Having been to many parades in my lifetime I've experienced the occasional toss of candy to children but this was astonishing. Thankfully, after a brief time observing this chaos my grandson said he wanted to leave. We ended the morning with ice cream cones. In my mind, a much more civilized way to celebrate Independence Day.

Carol Metke


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