Canby Herald letters to the editor for the issue of Oct.4, 2017 that cover parks and the Pump9

The Canby Herald

City council gets kudos for parks decision

To the editor:

We elected the city vouncil to govern, and they have. We elected the city council to study city issues in-depth, and they have. On this parks "fee/tax" issue, the majority could see that our existing parks are deteriorating as a result of an inability to properly fund their maintenance. They could also see that, in terms of other city's our size, Canby is woefully underfunding its parks.

The heart and vitality of a city can be measured in a number of ways, but one of the most important ways is how well it takes care of its common properties, it's parks. Vibrant, well cared for parks foster a healthy community. I applaud our city council in this step toward a brighter future for our community and its citizens.

Bill Fenton


Story on Pump9 movement

was good reminder for us

To the editor:

The recent Pump9 story in the Herald was a good reminder that while places like Facebook can get drug down into whining and complaining, there's always someone with a fun idea to lighten the mood.

The Pump9 concept is silly and irreverent, but it's also the kind of fun stuff we need to remind us that platforms like Facebook aren't the end-all for people's opinions. Here's to Pump9 giving us a little alternative to Facebook drama and the people who cause it.

Beverly Shipley


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