sitting here thinking about the real possibility of the Pine Theater closing down forever. I’m thinking how downtown Prineville fights to stay alive with Wal-mart and Costco so close. The Pine has developed into a thriving business that has good management and serves the population of Crook County well. Due to a technical change in the production studios the Pine was recently given the ultimatum of coming up with $80K dollars this month to convert systems to digital or shut down. What small locally owned business could afford this kind of financial hit? Some in the community have stepped up in the form of donations, but folks, it has fallen way short of the goal. In my opinion if every person in the county over 15 years of age donated $5 we could keep the Pine open. I know times are tough, but honestly, I think every man, woman and child could make this sacrifice with little discomfort. Giving up a latte or a burger and fries this week would do it. The theater has consistently tried to bring high quality family friendly movies for a very reasonable price to our town. You can mail your $5 (or more) to Crestview Cable, 350 N.E. Dunham St. Prineville. Do it now. Lets keep the Pine Theater open and running for all the young people and families of Crook County. Come on, “Give ‘m Five.” We can do this.
   Lorrie Peterson

Contract Publishing

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