Planning commissions approve city's 18-hole golf course plan 25 years ago

100 years ago

January 11, 1917

With this issue, The Journal greets it 1,712 subscribers in a new dress, the product of our latest improvement, a standard Model 5 Linotype. The people have demonstrated their faith in The Journal by combining in the largest list of paid subscribers any paper has ever had in this part of the state, and we in return have installed the latest, improved and best equipped machine made by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, which is the same machine in use in the best plants of the large city dailies, to assist us in keeping The Journal at the head of the list of country papers in the state.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Jamison, on the way to their ranch at Bear Creek one evening recently, had a thrilling and novel experience. When traveling at 30 miles an hour, a full grown jack rabbit crashed through the windshield and fell with a shower of broken glass onto Mrs. Jamison's lap. The rabbit had become blinded by the headlights, and apparently tried to jump over them, when being hit by the car he was thrown against the windshield.

N.A. Thomas, of near Hampton Buttes in Crook County, and Ed McDonald, of Harney County, were indicted three times by the grand jury Tuesday afternoon for the larceny of cattle belonging to the William Hanley Company, of Harney County, and a bunch of horses belonging to John P. Fay, also of Harney County.

75 years ago

January 8, 1942

The City of Prineville Railway closed the year 1941 with $8,000 in cash on hand, after turning over $12,500 to the city's general fund and making the final payments of $1,260 on industrial sites near the railway terminal purchased by the city a number of years ago, according to a report filed with the Prineville City Council Tuesday by J.E. Stewart, chairman of the railway commission. The 1941 report is the best in the history of the railroad, Manager C.W. Woodruff said.

Three fires within five days have kept the City of Prineville Fire Department jumping and have started the new year off with a considerable fire loss for the town, Fire Chief Ted Adamson reports. During the year just past, the Prineville department answered 22 fire alarms, 13 of which were inside the city. This figure includes silent calls as well as calls by the siren.

50 years ago

January 12, 1967

Farmers, ranchers and other water users in the mid-state area of Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties, hoping the effects of the 1966 drought will be erased this winter, will be slightly encouraged by the current snow surveys which report snow-stored water similar to last year at 76 percent of the Jan. 1 average but soil moisture greatly increased over last year.

There have been several reports of damaged mail boxes and thefts from mail boxes on rural and star routes in recent days, Prineville postmaster George Wilcox reported, adding that it is a federal offense to tamper with the boxes of their contents.

The city council Tuesday night reversed action taken a year ago and voted unanimously to allow churches to place signs on Third Street showing the location of the church. Nonprofit organizations, such as the veterans and Elks, will have to approach the council separately if they desire the same privilege.

25 years ago

January 9, 1992

The Prineville and Crook County planning commissions gave their separate approval of the city's golf course plan this week. Following some negative testimony from a concerned future neighbor of the planned 18-hole course. The city commission Tuesday voted unanimously to allow the course.

Daily damage describes what the Ochoco Wayside Viewpoint receives. The site is a state park under Prineville Reservoir District Park Manager Jim Beauchemin's supervision. The viewpoint has experienced damage from ATV's for years, particularly on its west side. Extensive work designed to spare the wayside terrain was done this past year. Those measures seem to have made a dramatic difference. The donation of materials and labor made this possible.

The Powell Butte community must wait until Feb. 5 to know the boundaries of a possible fire district in the west Crook County community. The county court Wednesday delayed a decision on setting the potential district boundaries until Feb. 5 after receiving testimony from both proponents and opponents of the fire district.

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