'Sustainable Life' is a welcome addition

To The Editor:

Kudos to the Pamplin Media Group for its new monthly supplement, 'Sustainable Life.'

Having just completed the NW Earth Institute's discussion course on this topic with like-minded friends in Lake Oswego and West Linn, I think 'Sustainable Life' gives us very helpful and critically important information.

It also serves to remind and motivate us to change our consuming habits and accept responsibility for the earth that sustains us, improving our quality of life and leaving a better legacy for our children than we are currently doing.

It's just not that hard to make a positive difference. I welcome these ideas and 'green business' ads to my mailbox.

Nancy Murray

Lake Oswego

Scrapping CSA creates concerns, questions

To the Editor:

I was nonplussed to read the city is ending the organic farm contract (Lake Oswego) Parks and Rec(reation) has up at Luscher Farm.

Not long ago Lake Oswego received a national award for leadership, creativity and innovation with this program. The next week there's talk of taking the richest four acres to use as a dog playfield and now it's being scrapped altogether.

It appears the city has no commitment to a project that keeps a working farm near the city and provides hundreds of people with something they can't get anywhere else; organic food grown in their zip code. This program wasn't losing the city any money and was adding to the health of its residents. Ask anyone with allergies the benefits of eating locally.

CSA, community supported agriculture, is a precious link in the chain where people wonder why their food travels an average of 1,500 miles from field to table?

What pesticides and genetically altered seeds were involved in this?

Do poor people who have the greatest incidence of diabetes in our country have access to good food, too?

Is it wise to have so much of our staples come from countries that don't even really like us while closing local farms?

Knowing the answers to these questions helps one establish a food ethic that goes way deeper than if a product is fat free or not.

Carol Yamada

Lake Oswego

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