President George W. Bush has sunk to a new low. In spite of 75 percent of the American people being in favor of stem cell research, this narrow-minded, selfish man has once more demonstrated his pettiness and total contempt for the greater good of humanity.

He has no problem sending people off to die for Vice President Dick Cheney and his stock portfolio. He doesn't think twice about giving more and more tax breaks to all of his rich buddies. It doesn't phase him one bit to run up the greatest deficit in history and pass the burden of repayment onto the backs of the middle class and their children and grandchildren.

I think we have a situation here similar to the Ronald Reagan family. Once the former president came down with Alzheimer's, suddenly they were all for it. "W" may finally see the light only when and if a member of his family would benefit from stem cell implants. I hope there is a special place in hell for this man.



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