by: Barbara Adams, EN Photo/Barbara Adams
In 100 degree-plus heat Saturday, Eagle Creek residents Julie Lynne and Joe Cotter dance to the country music of “O Brother” during Summer Celebration 2006. See story on page 2.

Summer Celebration 2006 was a weekend full of music, art, food, storytelling, and heat.

As the first band set up to perform Friday, the thermostat at Bank of the West read 111 degrees.

The Northwest Women in Blues took to the stage a little before 7 p.m. After their set, the lead singer said, 'The good news is that thermostat keeps going down. It now says 102!'

By the time Pepe and the Bottle Blonds were up, the sun was down and dancing was on. The empty lot in front of Estacada Thriftway was transformed into a festive, late night party.

The heat continued throughout the weekend, but a cloud cover Saturday kept the glaring sun at bay. A fire hose set up on Southwest 3rd provided by the Estacada Fire Department provided a constant stream of cool water and mist. Vendors reported good sales, and the crowd stuck around to enjoy the day's headlining performance by funky blues band DK4 with Reggie Houston.

By Sunday the heat was too much for most to endure. The sun glared throughout the day, keeping the crowds away. By 4 p.m. the last band, The Stolen Sweets, wrapped up and art vendors packed up their wares to head home.

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