I'd like to comment on the guest column by Judie Lavender, ('Rude Campers Cost Everyone A Chance,' July 19 Outlook.)

It just goes to prove that the saying, 'My crap don't stink' still lives on. Judie goes on and on about 'all the rude, inconsiderate people' and in the end of the article she brags that 'for 10 years' ... 'We like to be loud, have fun and not have curfew. We have a lot of teenagers and young adults with whom we camp. We stay up late ... We are not always quiet ...'

It begs the question, could these rude, inconsiderate people be her and her campers?

She is complaining how 'they can't take away our privileges.' She blames it on people leaving trash, etc. Maybe she doesn't get the real issue here of why she is having to be like everyone else and pay for a campsite.

I would hate to camp next to people who are 'not always quiet' and who 'like to be loud' and 'not have curfew' and who 'stay up late' and who are camping with 'teenagers.' Seems to me she is the one taking away the privilege of others, the privileges of the people who want to camp and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Then again, her whole article is full of 'blaming others' and 'expecting praise' for packing out others' garbage. Then she gets holy by saying they are 'willing to contact the forest service to tell them we will go clean that area (Three Lynx junction) and areas like that on our free time,' but of course she then talks herself out of it by the end of the sentence saying, 'but it may be too late for us.' She says, 'We feel that they are taking our rights away.'

Wake up Judie, it's not about the garbage, it is about everyone, including yourself and camping party. I repeat, including yourself and camping party, being considerate of others who are using the outdoors.



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