by: Jim Hart, Hovering over a portion of the marijuana plants found in a West Linn home is a 1,000-watt lamp. Police uncovered the growing operation after PGE discovered power allegedly being stolen.

An unpaid power bill aided PGE and police investigators to find a marijuana-growing operation in the home of a 47-year-old West Linn woman.

Police said a red flag went up when PGE turned the power off at the home and the lights didn't go off. They suspected the power had been tapped prior to the meter.

With a warrant Thursday morning, detectives searched the home at 1915 16th Street occupied by Robin Lee Pearson. In the basement, they discovered more than 75 marijuana plants - most were mature - with a potential value of $10,000, said Det. Kirk Tonkin. Pearson was not at home.

Police said they also found alleged illegal wiring that was evidence of electric power theft.

West Linn Police Chief Terry Timeus said the evidence would be turned over to the district attorney, who will convene a grand jury to determine charges.

For the complete story, see the Aug. 3 edition of the West Linn Tidings.

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