Maintaining KC homes as treasures

My wife and I have returned from a trip this spring to the Southern California desert area in and around Palm Springs, and the coastal areas of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. We were struck by how well maintained the homes were and by the beauty of the landscaping. Many of the homes were built in the 1950's and 1960's.

In real estate ads, many of these homes were referred to as "Mid-Century Modern" treasures. There were even architecture magazines devoted to this Mid-Century Modern style. Some neighborhoods, if intact and unmodified, were even designated as historical landmarks. (It is amazing how time flies when something 40 years old is considered a historical treasure!).

We live in such a neighborhood of intact, unmodified "Mid-Century Modern" homes. We would all benefit by maintaining our homes and improving our landscaping in a similar spirit, treating them as the treasures that they can be. Not only would we be rewarded by enhanced property values, but perhaps by the envy of our surrounding communities for the model community that we could enjoy, rather than what I fear is the prevailing attitude of keeping our community just a cheap place to live.

David Harper

King City

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