Scott Stierle's secret surprise for his parents
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When it comes to acts of sentimentality, Scott Stierle blew our socks off here at The Courier, when he dropped by with his impeccably written anniversary tribute story to his parents.

Scott told Editor Bob Schoenberg that he wanted to do something for his parents they would never expect. So Paul and Jeanne Stierle will be reading the announcement of their 55th wedding anniversary for the first time, along with all our other Regal Courier readers.

Scott is well known around town for his dedication to the Lions Club and his kind heart, but the present he has chosen for his parents transcends any material gift he could have purchased for them.

We hope you all enjoying reading Scott's complete tribute to his wonderful parents on Page 7 of this month's Courier. And thanks Scott for your effort; which we know will be a family keepsake for years to come.

Mat McCann is in the news again

Mat McCann, the popular and hard working owner of McCann's Pharmacy just can't hide from us newshounds.

Here he is in the news again. We admit Mat has a secret group of paparazzi (or could that be fellow dedicated employees) that tip us off on Mat's milestones.

Earlier this year, you may recall, we reported that Mat took himself off the 'King City Most Eligible Bachelor List' when he married and slipped away for an exotic honeymoon.

Now our paparazzi sources tells us that on July 25, Mat bites the big one and turns 40.

The youthful and athletic McCann can easily pass for a guy in his thirties, but sorry Mat, the facts are the facts. Happy 40th Birthday!

King City Lions are ready for their annual golf benefit

There is no question King City and Summerfield are big golf communities. The one charity tournament of the year that always brings out the 'pros' and duffers alike is the Lions popular event.

This year's tournament is set for August 25th with a morning of golf, fellowship and followed by a light lunch.

Call any Lion to get signed up, The tournament will feature a $10,000 'hole-in-one' and the entry fee is only $20. But, as a tip, the event is sold out every year so reserve you spot now.

The tournament is once again generously sponsored by West Coast Bank.

The King City Dance Club sets a special dance event

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 18th at King City Town Hall and you will be in for a very special treat.

The dance will feature the music of a well-known trio called the 'Luminos', featuring Fritz and Julie Weber as well as Geoff Fotland.

An additional attraction will be the amazing Vladimar and Maria, a young Russian couple who have been dazzling local people with their unique performances.

It amazes me the amount of talent that is attracted to perform in the King City and Summerfield areas. And don't forget this event is open to the public.

Thanks for your service to the KCCA Jim Burgess

Board members come and go. In my opinion there is not question that being an association board member is one of the hardest volunteer jobs around. We applaud those who step up and are willing to serve, King City's Jim Burgess leaves his KCCA board seat after serving for an amazing nine years on the board. His service may well be a record.

Burgess was known as the quiet, thoughtful guy, who offered his opinions when he felt he had something to say or contribute.

Thanks again Jim for your dedication.

At last the Crown Center will get much needed repairs

Things are shaking and moving with the KCAA Board, taking the bull by horns and getting things done that are way overdue.

The new action oriented board is working together well and are not missing a beat, since John Haley left the organization.

Case in point: the board recently approved funding major repairs to the Crown Center building. Hurrah!

By the end of the summer you should see some new paint, major repairs, including a new roof, if no other emergencies arise.

Hal Parker is an amazing man who is a roll model to all

Hal Parker shuns publicity, so it took one of our secret sources to find out that Hal has just recently made his 200th Red Cross Blood donation this month.

Simply put, that translates to 25 gallons, which means he has been contributing for well over 33 years.

And what makes the donation even more significant is that Hal has a very rare blood type of A-negative, which is always in short supply.

Thank you Hal for your contributions from a very appreciative community.

Shelledy and Crow honors well deserved

This is the month of celebrating the many good things the people of Summerfield and King City do that makes our communities better places to live.

Rod Shelledy, who is offer referred to as 'Mr. Lion,' was recently named Lion of the year. Rod is a doer and he is a man who never says no to anything that is good for his community.

Frank Crow was presented the Melvin Jones Fellow for his 27 years of service to Lions projects in three clubs.

Both men are exemplary of the how volunteerism makes a difference.

A couple of final tidbits

I can always find room for a short item in 'Around Town' so please keep sending Bob Schoenberg or myself your tidbits. I will do my best to see that they get in the Courier!

And last, but not least, don't miss next month's edition. Our staff is busy preparing a commemorative edition that will celebrate King City's 40th Anniversary as a city.

We still have time if you think of anything you would like to have included.

The special section will showcase the people who made King City what it is today, as well as provide complete information for the September 16th musical festival that will be one big bang up birthday party for King City. So mark you calendar.

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