My reason for this letter is to grab the attention of voters in Oregon in regards to Measure 11. I would encourage anyone reading this to investigate what is happening with crime and punishment in your local area. In particular, research how many crimes are being committed involving those using methamphetamine.

Watch for information about those being arrested for minor crimes along with possession or distribution of methamphetamine to discover the trend of no action taken for the drug charges. Write down the names of those you see charged and return to your investigation once a month for three, six or 12 months and see what happens to these individuals.

What you will discover is that the majority of those being convicted of Measure 11 violations are those that are tied up in the methamphetamine epidemic and had been released on prior occasions without any attempt to rehabilitate them.

Measure 11 was voted in to law to stop repeat offenders, but the reality is that it is the first time that a repeat offender commits a violent crime that he or she is convicted of a Measure 11 rather then stopping it before it gets to that point.

The real problem is the methamphetamine epidemic that eventually results in violent crimes. We allow people to become severely addicted to methamphetamine, set them free on minor possession charges, allow them to run the streets, wait for them to become violent criminals and sentence them to seven years or more for a first-time Measure 11 offense. We are spending all of our tax dollars trying to enforce tougher laws against violent crimes rather than trying to prevent them before they happen.

Let us all do the right thing and get rid of Measure 11 because getting rid of violence with threats is not working. Those addicted to methamphetamine could care less about threats and will continue to escalate their crimes until it is too late to become productive citizens.

If we don't do something soon, we will all be living next door to somebody who has served time for a first-time violent offense, who is addicted to methamphetamine and who has cost us all an extreme amount of tax dollars.

Brenda Carney


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