Pair burglarize, then vandalize
by: Portland Police, Portland Police released this booking photo of William Schmidt, one of two arrested in a string of burglaries east of the Woodstock neighborhood. The other suspect, Kenneth Clampitt, is a minor, so no photo of him was released. The burglaries were marked by wanton vandalism of the victims’ homes.

It's one thing for burglars to break into homes and steal things; it's another for them to vandalize the victim's home needlessly before leaving. But that was what was happening in the area between S.E. 66th and 70th, between Woodstock Boulevard and Duke.

Detectives believed these burglaries were committed by the same suspects, because in each case the thieves only took small, easily-disposed-of items such as laptop computers, and in most of the homes they broke into, they intentionally damaged property. The victims in the burglaries frequently arrived home to find that the suspects had kicked holes into interior walls, and in some cases sprayed graffiti on the victim's property, walls, and doors.

Portland Police officers on routine patrol noticed two young men engaged in suspicious behavior around 9 pm on Sunday, July 2nd. During the subsequent conversation, the officers developed probable cause to believe the pair may have been involved in a previously-reported burglary. Subsequent investigation tied both suspects to the series of burglaries, and led to the recovery some of the property taken during the burglaries.

So, on Monday, July 3rd, Southeast Precinct detectives arrested the two--21-year-old William Schmidt, and 17-year-old Kenneth Clampitt--on ten counts of Burglary in the First Degree, two counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, and one count of Attempted Burglary in the First Degree.

The arrest culminated an investigation that began in May, when detectives began to see an increase in daytime burglaries in the area. Officers did not consider the case closed, and were pursuing an investigation which could lead to further charges. One published account indicated the two men arrested told officers they were unemployed, and burglarized for income.

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