Gresham-based Ka Pa Hula Makani Kolonahe will compete in four hula categories in the Hapa Haole Competition at 5 p.m. Friday, July 29, at Esther Short Park, 601 Esther St., Vancouver, Wash.

The competition is part of the 'Three Days of Aloha,' an annual Hawaiian festival hosted by Ke Kukui Foundation in Vancouver

The school will compete in four events: Miss Hapa Haole, Miss Sophisticated Hula, Wahine (women) and Keiki (children). The instructors are 'Aukai La'amaikahiki and Ka'au Ahina of Gresham.

'Hapa haole' literally means 'half-foreigner,' a Hawaiian expression that describes the Western colonial impact on the native island culture. From 1898, with the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom, Hawaiian language was banned from schools and government and replaced with English. It was not until 1978 that Hawaiian re-emerged as the official state language.

In keeping with the hapa haole tradition of modern hula music from 1900-59, all songs within each category must be sung in English and the theme of the performance must be about Hawai`i. Prizes and recognition will be awarded to the winners. Winning soloists and groups will be showcased at the Ho`ike and Hawaiian Festival on July 30.

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