The 11 p.m. news reported that Gresham finally caved in and is letting Wal-Mart build its store at 182nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard. I'm not totally surprised. I knew Wal-Mart's lawyers would eventually figure out how to use the system to beat Gresham into submission.

I heard one of the conditions imposed as part of the approval were traffic studies before and after the store is built. So my question is, when they complete the traffic study after the store is built and figure out the road system can't handle the increased traffic, is Gresham going to make them tear down the store?

I guess the only thing we can hope for now is that the traffic gridlock that will most certainly occur once the new store opens will be bad enough to discourage anyone from trying to travel Powell Boulevard to get there. And if enough people can't get there, Wal-Mart will close due to an unprofitable operation.

Oh well, I guess I can get used to traveling to and from Gresham using Division or Stark streets in the future. Powell will someday soon become a linear parking lot for the folks wanting those great low prices. Maybe they should consider letting them build a Sam's Club just to the east of the new Wal-Mart and then they could close Powell permanently between 174th and Birdsdale.

Craig W. Hovey


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