It's maddening how the queens of Hawthorne Boulevard have been slapping us in the face time and again. These latest antics, and all that preceded them, make a strong case for secession. Only two of the infamous four will be gone at the new year. Who can rein the other two in since they have no respect for authority other than their own?

Violating Oregon election law with the covert gay marriage maneuver is a prime example. I don't like being held hostage in order to nail the sheriff and force him to close jail beds. And what are we, the supposedly unenlightened, politically inept and powerless voters of East County going to do about it? We must have 9-1-1 and the matrix unit, although I hate the fact we even need one.

As for those alleged 'ladies,' seems their software is sorely lacking in respect, compassion and caring for Gresham and East County - strong character (remember that?) qualities of most women, but then that would be 'sexist' and they, being the political elite, are not most women. Their vehement hatred for Gresham and East County, as played out by their past and latest actions, is truly staggering and dangerous to us.

It's time to take the gloves off and call this for what it is. We do need to secede. Your opinion column was the strongest I remember seeing and was a delight to read over and over again.



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