Harman deserves

10-year recognition

Aside from Sharon Nesbit's 'Just the Other Day' mention (July 20) of Gresham Citizen Katie Harman (Katie Harman Ebner after her 2003 wedding) having been selected as Miss America in Atlantic City in fall 2001; I, the undersigned, (as one of the many citizens who applauded Ms. Katie Harman's high achievement back then; and together with some 15 citizen friends helped finance the installation of some 30 signs in recognition of that rare award) I hereby ask our city to write a full-page article on her behalf and publish it for all to read and admire in some future issue of The Outlook.

To this citizen, I do not think it would be honorable to not give Ms. Harman her 'due' for the recognition that she has brought to this little city on the 10th anniversary of those efforts long ago. And I think it will be many years before some other young lady will bring similar honors to our town.

Mel Holst


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