Project coordinators expect to spend $13,000 on

TUALATIN - In the last four months, Tualatin Tomorrow has touched about 1,000 people - about a third of its overall goal of involving 3,000 people for the citywide visioning project.

And as the summer months wind down, the project's steering committee wants to see everything possible done to garner more interest for the project.

'The biggest problem is getting people involved,' steering committee co-chair Frank Bubenik told the City Council last week.

Tualatin has a tremendous amount of community resources, said Doug Zenn, consultant for the project.

'But it is also very busy and that creates a challenge with getting information out and back in,' Zenn said.

Senior planner Elizabeth Stepp noted that additional outreach activities are moving forward. About $13,000 has been earmarked from the project's anxillary budget to cover the costs of the activties that could include ice cream socials and hiring youth to canvas local neighborhoods.

The City Council agreed to fund the visioning project and consulting fees with about $200,000 prior to the project's start date in February.

So far the Tualatin Tomorrow visioning project issue statements are shaping up to be very utopian like.

With issues discussed in summer workshops ranging from global warming effects to dog parks and from poverty to neighborhood watch programs, the project is covering and incorporating the smallest and the largest of ideas to answer one question, 'What do you want Tualatin to be like in 2030?'

The issues will help to form a draft of the city's vision of what needs to be done or needs to stay the same over the next 20 years.

And according to Zenn, the most important aspect of the project will be focusing on the right level of importance.

He described looking at the city from 3 feet in the air eyeing every crack in the roads and the sidewalk. He then described looking at the city from an almost orbital position and seeing only a tiny dot amidst a world of other problems.

The visioning process will be charged with finding the right level at which to view the city and to decide what needs to be done or maintained as outlined or envisioned by Tualatin's own community.

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