by: Jonathan House, Cory Sause wipes away a tear while listening to her lawyer, Stephen Houze, address the courtroom Tuesday during a plea agreement hearing at Clackamas County Circuit Court.

Flanked by relatives and wearing large, designer sunglasses to cover her face, Cory Sause strode briskly on her high heels past the Kibler family and into the Clackamas County Courthouse on Tuesday.

The awkward, first-time contact between the Kiblers and the woman who killed their loved one passed without verbal or physical acknowledgement.

Later, after Sause pled guilty to three counts stemming from the Dec. 21, 2004, car crash that killed 21-year-old Patrick Kibler, the Kiblers took turns telling Sause how the accident continues to haunt their family and how they pray constantly for Sause to change her ways.

'It's amazing this day is finally here,' Patrick's mother, Vicki Kibler told Sause. 'Our lives will be intertwined forever.'

The fatal crash, which took place on South Shore Boulevard, also injured Kibler's younger brother, Scott. Sause, 27, had a blood-alcohol level of .19 percent, more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent.

'I don't think any of us harbor animosity toward you,' said Patrick's father, John Kibler, as he choked back emotion. 'The feelings we have are of extreme sadness … The one good thing to come out of this is if it helps your life in the future.'

Sause showed little reaction as Judge Robert Selander handed down a combined plea bargain sentence of 60 months with the Oregon Department of Corrections with potential for an 'alternative program,' such as an alcohol-treatment program, after 33 months served.

Additionally, two counts of possession of a controlled substance were dismissed while the original second-degree manslaughter charge was reduced to criminal negligent homicide.

For more on the story, see Thursday's edition of the Lake Oswego Review.

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