by: File photo, Sharon Nesbit

1916 - Julius Meier was installing a Thompson water engine at his country home (now Menucha Retreat and Conference Center) near Corbett 90 years ago. The same type of water engine that supplied the drinking water for the entire community of Carver was being installed to supply water for buildings on the estate as well as a swimming pool.

Dams were placed across streams below Menucha to provide the power to pump spring-fed water. Wooden pipes carried water from the source to the various sites on the property.

In Gresham, City Council members were also dealing with water lines and pipes. The council was also toying with the idea of changing Main Avenue to Gresham Avenue, but the idea was dropped.

1926 - The official county fair slogan in Gresham 80 years ago went like this: 'Raspberries rare, Pumpkins yellow, Come to the fair, And be a good fellow.' The queen of the fair was from Jefferson County. But Gresham's Pauletta Ewalt represented Multnomah County. The queen wore a royal purple blouse with an orange silk riding skirt and a black hat trimmed with orange and purple flowers.

1936 - 'There have been many stiff necks in town the past 10 days,' The Outlook's Troutdale correspondent reported 70 years ago. 'Some from watching the antics of the government planes over the local airport and some from looking for the Pelletier comet dimly visible in the eastern sky.'

1946 - Alfred Herman of Portland, the Belgian and French consul, returned from postwar Europe 60 years ago. He said that the shattered continent was suffering for lack of food. The black market had taken over France and poor people were starving. 'Only a great over supply of commodities can cure the economic problems,' he said.

1956 - Fifty years ago, the ocean liners Stockholm and Andrea Doria collided in mid-sea in the North Atlantic, resulting in the sinking of the Andrea Doria. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Olson of Telford and Callister roads were aboard the Stockholm, and though they donned their lifejackets and waded through the water awaiting the worst, were relieved to learn that their ship was seaworthy after the crash.

1966 - Names in the news 40 years ago - both Gov. Mark Hatfield and Secretary of State Tom McCall, who was campaigning to be governor, were in town for the Multnomah County Fair, Jack Ouchida was sworn in as governor of District 7 Toastmasters International and celebrity Dennis Day was in town and making public appearances everywhere.

1976 - Bob McWilliams, Gresham's city manager for 14 years, resigned 30 years ago, refusing directions from the mayor and City Council to fire six city employees at the city's sewage treatment plant.

1986 - Two immediate care clinics opened in Gresham 20 years ago, bringing 'fast medicine' to the city. The Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz that year was said to be one of the best ever. And In Troutdale, painters were preparing to put a daffodil on the city water tower at Hogan Road and Stark Street.

1996 - Bernie Giusto was sworn in as Gresham's police chief 10 years ago. In Troutdale City Hall, Mary Eaton, clerk, retired after a record 24 years. Frank Schmidt Jr. and his wife, Evelyn, planned to celebrate their 50th anniversary and host the Portland convention of the American Association of Nurserymen at their Boring nursery.

2005 - The Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz took a risk and offered free admission at this time last year. At the same time the newest Lewis and Clark nickel was released at an event at Blue Lake Park. And the Legislature was tinkering with confusing laws about school speed zones.

Compiled from The Outlook files.

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