I am writing about an irresponsible pet owner and what happened when she did not keep her dogs on a leash, as state law requires.

Tuesday, July 11, at approximately 6:45 pm, a woman and her two dogs, not on leashes, were at Sweetbriar Elementary School in Troutdale. The dogs ran into our front yard and attacked our cat. As the dogs were running into our yard she said 'don't worry, we have cats at home.' A fight ensued between the two dogs and our cat. As they were dragging our cat across the lawn, I reached down, grabbed the cat and held him up in the air away from the dogs. My hand was bitten, blood running down my arm, the woman did nothing. I was yelling that I was bitten. The woman continues to only call her dogs.

Because my hand was so painful, I could no longer hold onto the cat and I put him down. The dogs started to leave the yard. Seeing that I placed our cat down, the two dogs again charged, this time one on each end of him. Rescuing our cat, I yelled at the woman to get her dogs off. I grabbed the cat with my left hand, sustaining bites on the hand and arm. In a matter of seconds, the woman, average height and weight with above-shoulder length dark hair and her two dogs, one black, perhaps a lab mix, wearing a blue/purple collar, the other dog white with multi-brown coloring and red collar, were gone. She has never inquired about the cat or myself. She had to have known we were hurt!

I was driven to the emergency room that night. I had seven puncture wounds, which were cleaned and bandaged. I was given an antibiotic, pain medication and told to contact my doctor.

The next morning after the attack our cat was taken to the vet. X-rays were taken, one leg was badly crushed and had a puncture wound. He spent two days at the vet and now has a bi-weekly visits for continued care.

I then followed up with my doctor, who immediately hospitalized me for three days due to a severe infection in my hand. I lost four days of work and missed my daughter's eighth birthday.

All of this, the horrible experience for my children, our cat and me because one dog owner did not think it was necessary to have her dogs on a leash.

Lara Ceglie


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