Mayor Chuck Becker and Councilor Shane Bemis are, so far, the only two running for Gresham mayor. Are you having a hard time deciding on whom to vote for? Well here are my reasons for not voting for Shane Bemis and voting for Mayor Chuck Becker.

Starting with Bemis. First of all Bemis has been on the council for some time now and has proved to all of us that he is not a strong leader. He was made citizen of the year by the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce, but let's face it, not only did the chamber not ask the citizens of this community whom they might want for citizen of the year, which is its practice, but it is continually asking for money from the council to help it out of the jams it gets itself into because of its shortcomings. So I would have to say we shouldn't put too much faith in its judgment on its choice of citizen of the year. Second, Bemis was supposed to be in charge of the Centennial this year. Do you know what he did that was so awesome? Well, he took credit for the events that took place here in Gresham every year and pretended it was his idea for the centennial. Although, I guess I should give him credit for one thing. I did see an old tired horse pulling a buggy with a few people in it down Main Avenue one rainy afternoon during the celebration. So thanks for that Shane.

As far as his relatives saying what a sweet person he is and how he would make a great mayor, most of us feel the same way about our own family, but sorry to say that alone does not make for a good leader. Bemis is very young, but that alone is not the problem. He is a married man with very young children and owns a couple of business that he is trying to make a go of, so when would he have the time to take on the responsibilities of mayor? He has already shown us what he is made of and that leaves a lot to the imagination.

As far as Mayor Chuck Becker is concerned, he has proved that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and fortitude to be a leader. Becker does not have his hand out patting himself on the back for all the time and effort he has put into this community. His accomplishments are many and his dreams of building this community into a great place to live have been a long tough road, but Becker has never faltered. You are never a stranger when you ask to see him with questions or answers, as he is always your friend. I myself want someone with experience who does not happen overnight, and I am sure Becker can attest to that.

My vote goes to you Mayor Chuck Becker, and I can only hope the rest of you can make the right decision and cast your vote for Becker.

Arlene Easly


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