This is one of those times I felt that I needed to respond to the two letters to the editor in Saturday's Outlook. Both of these letters are blaming Speaker of the House Karen Minnis, R-Wood Village, and/or her supporters for a recent brochure that came our criticizing Rob Brading's position on the Multnomah County Library Board concerning pornography. I have seen the brochure and Karen's name and/or campaign are nowhere to be found. Both letters stated that they 'assumed' that this brochure was a tactic of Karen's re-election campaign. This and another publication that I viewed recently are from a very concerned mother who was devastated that her young daughter was exposed to this type of material quite by accident in a public library.

One of the letters to the editor criticizes Karen for attacking the library board, which again is totally assumed. But, if the library board is not responsible for allowing the viewing of pornography in our public libraries, who is responsible? One of the letters is correct, you should stick to the facts and there are not facts to support your criticism of Karen Minnis. Also, to stoop low enough to state that Karen is not concerned for East County's children is preposterous. I cannot even vote for Karen Minnis because I am not in her district, but I certainly would take her track record and integrity any day over Rob Brading on this issue alone. And back to who is really responsible for exposing our children to pornography is to the general public who needs to step up and take a stand for our children and stop this nonsense that the viewing of pornography in a public library is part of our first amendment rights.

Kat Finney


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