Police Lt. Mike Stradley sworn in to WLPD on Thursday
by: SUBMITTED PHOTO Mike Stradley is sworn in as the West Linn Police Department's newest cop.

It's official: West Linn has one more boy in blue patrolling the streets. Police Lt. Mike Stradley was the man celebrated at Thursday's swearing-in ceremony and is the West Linn Police Department's newest cop.

Stradley worked for the Portland Police Bureau for 25 years and before that was a reserve officer in Oregon City. He has extensive experience with street police work and is excited to get back to small city policing.

'I believe in small city policing and taking care of the citizens as best I can, so this is an exciting transition for me,' Stradley said.

In addition to his tactical training and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) service, Stradley also knows the area well. He lives in Tualatin with his wife, Lynn, but said he looks forward to getting to know the people who live in West Linn.

Capt. Ron Schwartz used to work with Stradley when he was a lieutenant with the Portland Police Bureau. He said he is excited for Stradley to join the team.

'He was the top officer in Portland - and just a super guy,' Schwartz said.

Making the move to West Linn means that the day-to-day job might not be as intense. However, Stradley welcomes that change, but notes that he is experienced enough as an officer to handle any situation.

'I'm looking forward to working in nice areas with nice people, and when something bad happens I can handle that,' he said.

Stradley finds that something is lost when too many reports go unanswered. He said he hopes to establish a feeling of community outreach from West Linn's department.

'Whether you're in a big town or a small town, you have to be ready for the worst-case senario,' he said.

There was a reception after the ceremony last week at West Linn City Hall, and people asked questions and welcomed Stradley to the community.

One of these people was unofficial watchdog and long-time West Linn resident Alice Richmond. She made sure to ask Stradley about his experience and his family, which she said is always important when getting to know an officer.

'I think he's got some brain in his head,' she said. 'Dropping Portland was a good idea.'

Stradley said he looks forward to starting his work and understands what the citizens expect from him.

'From me they can expect compassion, empathy, kindness and respect,' he said. 'I will be there in those bad situations.'

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