(Soapboxes are guest opinions from our readers, and anyone is welcome to write one. Ken Henschel is a resident of unincorporated Bull Mountain.)

Well, Isador Morgavi has returned from New Orleans and has restarted his insidious Soapboxes railing on anybody and everybody. While he was gone, I for one welcomed the break. I'm more than tired of reading his many attack pieces and suspect that I'm not alone. It's not that I dislike Mr. Morgavi or that I deny him the right to express himself. It's just that he distorts everybody's words to further his own antagonistic goals.

In his Soapbox of July 27 Morgavi takes the words from my recent Oregonian 'My Turn' and twists them around until they're backwards. For instance, I wrote that the difference in my property taxes between the cities of Tigard and the potential City of Bull Mountain was a nickel. Morgavi changed that to say that my property taxes would rise by a nickel if we incorporate (not true) and then goes on to attack his own faulty premise as if it were mine.

Morgavi then says that if we form our own city, that our police services will decline by 66 percent. Rubbish. The new city will have little or no reduction in law enforcement. The Economic Feasibility Study that Morgavi refers to did indeed show a slightly lower level of services due to a misunderstanding between the details of contracting for services and being part of the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District, but the report also underestimated our revenues elsewhere. This resulted in available funds to easily maintain our present level of law enforcement services. More fact twisting from Morgavi.

Regarding Morgavi's rantings on future parks for Bull Mountain, he wonders where money will come from to build them. Well, so do we all. Under Tigard's parks jurisdiction, we received no public accessible parks in our area. If the future city of Bull Mountain acquires even a few acres (which might be purchased or donated), that would be a huge improvement from the situation today and a big step in the right direction.

Morgavi also took out of context my comment that 'If Bull Mountain residents form our own city, you can bet that our future parks and libraries will be open to all, including our neighbors, without distinction.' In that comment, I was clearly responding to Tigard's Mayor Dirksen, who threatened to find ways to recoup costs from Bull Mountain residents for using Tigard libraries and parks. I was obviously not guaranteeing any number of parks or libraries for our future, contrary to Morgavi's distortions.

What is most disturbing is that Morgavi continues to rant against Bull Mountain's incorporation efforts. Due to issues of contiguity, Morgavi's own neighborhood was not even included in the proposed city of Bull Mountain boundary. Having been removed from the game, apparently Morgavi wants to poison the field so that nobody else gets a chance to play. Fortunately, whether we agree or disagree with incorporation, our community has incredible respect for the real work that's gone into this incorporation effort. Our community also has the intelligence to separate the real facts from Mr. Morgavi's brand of sour grapes.

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