Lake Oswego Police say they are still investigating a vandalism spree that damaged more than 20 boats on Oswego Lake in July.

So far, LOPD Capt. Mike Hammons said police have some leads in the case and are still seeking information.

The Lake Oswego Corporation is also offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the vandals that damaged boats at the Lake Marina, Forest Hills Easement and the Palisades Terrace docks July 24 and 25.

Bill Wiley, spokesman for the corporation, said the degree of boat damage varied but included the discharge of fire extinguishers on some boats, damage to the fiberglass coating on others and theft of items such as stereos and extra keys. Vandals also slashed upholstery on boats, damaged boat covers and cut tubes and tie-down lines on some vessels. Wiley estimated the cumulative damage as possibly exceeding $25,000.

'Its really unfortunate. It ruined a number of people's summers and there was obviously no interest in money or anything else, it was just vandalism,' Wiley said. 'When you look at what happened it's really a very serious matter. It wasn't theft. It wasn't somebody starving to death… It was just wanton destruction and it really just can't go on.'

Lake Corp officials have adjusted the hours of the Lake Patrol in response to the vandalism. Corporation officials are advising lake residents and easement members to keep an eye out for suspicious activity on Oswego Lake.

Anyone with information about boat vandalism is asked to contact the Lake Oswego Police at 503-635-0238.

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