Use police resources 'in a wiser way'

To the Editor:

For those of us who have attended sporting events at Lakeridge High School in the past, most of us are aware of the issue about parking on Cloverleaf Street below the football/soccer field.

A few very vocal neighbors over the years have proven the 'squeaky wheel, gets the grease.' The school, trying to be good neighbors has acquiesced to these few and has asked students, parents and others not to park on Cloverleaf Street at anytime! The Lake Oswego Soccer Club has also notified all of the teams who practice there or who have games to not park there either.

What prompts this letter to the Review was witnessing three Lake Oswego Police Department cars parked on Cloverleaf this past Saturday while there was a soccer jamboree at Lakeridge hosted by the boys' and girls' soccer teams. These three cars were parked there during the morning and afternoon to make sure no one parked there during the jamboree in order to appease the 'squeaky wheels.' Now, I realize we don't have much crime in this city (thankfully!), but is this the best use of city resources?

When people purchase homes by a school, they should do so with the understanding there will be cars driving through their neighborhood and parking during school events. It's the price you pay in order to have your kids be able to be close to a school.

How has the city come to this decision to come down on the side of a 'few' neighbors when it affects so many more people in this community? Parking is allowed in and around every other school in our city without restrictions and it seems unfair to limit the parking around Lakeridge because a very small minority has spoken up. I'd like to ask the city to rethink (its) stance on this policy and also ask (it) to use the resources of the police department in a wiser way.

Bill Deane

Lake Oswego

New North Shore house creates concerns

To the Editor:

There's something amiss on North Shore Road and I don't mean the Parker palace.

How on earth did the McNew house at 333 North Shore Road get permitted?

This big box of a house with a cycloptic afterthought sticking out of its too-flat roof is located in an area where the neighboring houses are planted on their sites and their roof lines are in proportion to the height of the walls.

This house, though, looks like it was plunked on its site with little or no thought to 'place.' Its sides are straight up and down ... flat and high ... the roof is barely sloped and totally out of scale. I thought the city had rules about roof slant and wall set-backs. If this house falls within the rules, perhaps they should be changed.

The house is being built by Classic Building Company whose slogan is 'Building Your Dreams.'

Well, if this is someone's dream, perhaps he/she should have looked for a bigger lot or dreamed of a smaller house ...

To see what can be done when some sensitivity to place is involved, drive by the remodel in the same neighborhood ... the one on the corner of Middlecrest and Kenwood. Perhaps it's not too late to get the designer of the Kenwood house involved in the one on North Shore.

Kathy Keating

Lake Oswego

Vote 'yes' for the

local community

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage all residents of Lake Oswego to vote 'yes' on the Sept. 19 Special Election.

A 'yes' vote would allow for the annexation of six contiguous parcels of land (13.9 acres) along Stafford Road near the Overlook Drive intersection. This property is part of the Luscher Farm complex and already lies within the Urban Growth Boundary. Annexation would allow the city to further consider the long-planned placement of a synthetic turf athletic field in conjunction with the development of a new dog park, pathways and supporting infrastructure.

A 'yes' vote is a vote in support of our student athletes, canine advocates and our broader community. The development of the property would offer meaningful relief to youth athletic programs on both sides of the lake. At the same time, it would provide for an enhanced dog park while not disturbing the Lake Oswego community gardens or the CSA Farm area.

In sum, a 'yes' vote is a big win for the entire Lake Oswego community. Please join me in voting yes on this important measure.

Dan Dutton

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The city of Lake Oswego announced earlier this summer that the CSA Farm contract will not be renewed for next year.

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