Regarding the annexation of Luscher Farm area six parcels: yes, but ...

We are to consider the annexation of approximately 13.9 acres at the Luscher Farm area for inclusion to Lake Oswego (Stafford at Overlook). It would appear that any land we can add to our city would benefit its taxpaying citizens and their families, however:

Question 1: What is best for the residents/taxpayers of Lake Oswego? What impact will the annexation have on the Stafford Road, Overlook, Rosemont and the Palisades neighborhood?

Question 2: Since money for the improvements come from the previous bond issue of 2002, and calls for the funds to be used 'for sports fields development and parks' why is the land and money for a dog park part of proposed uses?

Question 3: Because the need for more sports fields is evident for use by our little league and big leagues, why would the 'demand' of a few dog park advocates be considered by the city? These demands include six acres, lights for night dogs, restroom facilities, relaxing areas with benches and tables, water for dogs and humans, separate areas for aggressive and non-aggressive dogs and a mediator for dog/owner disputes. It should be noted that many of the most demanding are not from Lake Oswego but reside in West Linn and Tigard.

Question 4: Since the golf course has been the subject of a lot of discussions the last couple of years, and one conclusion has been reached that would involve the relocation of the driving range, it would seem that this use would take priority (along with the new proposed turf field). The question is wouldn't it be best to use this small annexation parcel for a money-making activity (range fees) that would also improve the golf course (realign fairways) than spend tax money for a few selfish dog owners?

Question 5: Has the value of the land been given any consideration by the city and dog owners? E.g., six acres times 43,560 sq.ft. equals 261,360 sq.ft.

Commercial land estimated value at $30 square feet equals $7 million (est.)

Residential land estimated value at $500,000 per acre equals $3 million

Plus any improvements they are demanding.

If a dog park is eventually approved, shouldn't the dog owners pay a fee, the same as our kids/parents are required to pay for participation in their sports programs?

Question 6: Has the impact to the traffic been analyzed? Additional entrances for ingress and egress have been proposed for the dog park in the preliminary designs. Why not place a dog park (if necessary) on Rosemont away from the roundabout and away from other sports and recreation facilities? Luscher Farm (city owned) has more than 100 acres for use by Lake Oswego, why not Master Plan all the land now for the future use as it is annexed by the city.

In the future the UGB will be expanded and the 'triangle' will include hundreds of new homes, and other developments (retail, office and commercial). Lake Oswego should now prepare for this growth, and realize the limited land resource for its citizens. Many of us believe the future belongs to the children, through its tax-paying citizens and that the influence of outside complainants that would lead to hasty decisions should be weighted along with the priorities and costs to L.O.

Vote for annexation, but exclude the dog park.

John Mills Woodworth is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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