Dear Speaker Minnis,

Enclosed is a flier that falsely states that I am responsible for children viewing pornography in the library. The Oregonian has condemned this attack in a recent editorial. I read with interest in recent media accounts that you deny knowledge of its existence. For that reason, I have enclosed a copy of the objectionable material so that you can see how outrageous it is, and so you can no longer deny knowledge of what your supporters are doing.

I ask that you publicly censure the attack piece that has been prepared with full knowledge and assistance of your long time consultant, Chuck Adams. I urge you to heed the advice of The Oregonian editorial last Thursday (Aug. 31), which stated that you should 'strongly and publicly demand' that your supporters stop linking me or my campaign to pornography.

Everyone can agree that spirited discussion of the issues is good for Oregon. But character assassination, lies and misrepresentation destroy our political system. It is now up to you, as a leading political figure in our state, to stand up and do what's right. If I have not heard back from you by Tuesday, Sept. 12, with a public condemnation and a demand that your supporters halt this activity, I will have no choice but to assume that you endorse this campaign of character assassination and the cynical politics of division that lead to it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Rob Brading

Dear Mr. Brading:

I represent Speaker Karen Minnis. She has referred your letter of Sept. 8 to me.

In your letter, you ask that the speaker demand that her supporters cease linking you or your campaign to the subject matter of the material which you forwarded along with the letter. As you already know, Speaker Minnis does not endorse that material. As you are also likely aware, Friends for Safer Libraries is an independent political committee involved in the campaign relating to the library levy. It does not communicate with Speaker Minnis.

At her direction, I inquired of Friends of Safer Libraries as to the status of the piece. After speaking with two representatives of the committee, I was informed that the piece has not been circulated for the last three weeks, nor does that committee intend to circulate it in the future. You are welcome to telephone that committee directly should you wish further confirmation of their plans.

Based upon their response, I consider the matter closed.

John DiLorenzo, Jr.

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Minnis' power reason to vote against her

As an East County resident and District 49 voter, I would like to respond to your recent editorial 'Campaign Calls for Reasoned Debate' in the Saturday, Sept. 9, edition of The Outlook. Among the reasons listed to vote for Karen Minnis is that she is the current speaker and holds much power in Salem.

In my opinion, this is actually a reason to vote against her, as she has abused her power for the sole purpose of pleasing her big corporate donors at the expense of working families here in East County. Examples of this abuse include killing a bill that would have made prescription drugs more affordable, cutting the ability of the secretary of state to actually audit where our tax dollars are going and doing nothing about payday lenders' exorbitant interest rates until Rob Brading began spearheading the effort to protect consumers. She may talk about East County values, but her actions don't match her words. After 20 years in Salem, Karen Minnis is no longer in touch with the district she represents. It's time for a change in East County - it's time for Rob Brading.



Use local picture with election mailing

The most recent mailer from Republican Speaker of the Oregon House, Karen Minnis, contains a full-page picture of a school crossing guard with an imprint of Living Safely. The badge emblem on the guard's cap reads Seattle Crossing Guard! What does this mean? If you live in East County the only safe place to live is in Seattle? This is our little, the public won't notice! Or is it just incompetence?



Vote for Matthew Wand for council

Dear Troudale neighbors, we are writing this open letter in hopes of attracting public attention to Matthew Wand. We have worked with Matt and found him capable and professional. Truth be known, that was what we expected. Mr. Wand is a self-starter who cares deeply about this community. It only makes sense since his family roots are the working people of East County for the past 100 years. We have a chance in November to rely on his considerable skill and dedication to our community by voting Matthew Wand for Troutdale City Council. Join us in supporting a winner.



Tearing down apartments pushes poor to East County

I read in Gresham's other newspaper, The Oregonian, that the Portland Housing Authority is tearing down more apartment complexes in Portland to make way for higher-end mixed living units. Three thousand families are already on their waiting list, yet hundreds of units are being torn down.

Gosh, maybe the PHA can buy up the few Rockwood apartments that they don't already own so as to export more of Portland's low-income residents to East County.



Governor has honored fallen soldiers

What a clever, clever TV ad, I thought. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, just like a quiz show with host and quiz master, Ron Saxton. The contestants? You and I, who have to come up with an answer immediately. And the question? What has Gov. Ted Kulongoski done the last four years?

Well, when the time was up I found myself without an answer. Then, I thought of something that our governor has done that has touched my heart and impressed me. He has paid homage and given recognition to the service and the sacrifice of all the fallen soldiers of our state. It must be emotionally wrenching to attend so many funerals for such promising lives ended so early. I thank him for representing us and our state in this act of compassion and condolence.

I know that there are other things that he has done for Oregon, but my heart will remember first and always the solace and support the governor has offered to all these grieving Oregon families. It is the measure of the man.



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