Faith in Focus

After church this past Sunday, I helped my son replace some fence posts. Dan and his wife and son live in Troutdale, and when you live there, having a substantial fence is pretty important.

It is important if you want the fence to remain standing in, say, January. Don't tell those folks who want to buy property there that the wind blows in Troutdale. We'll keep that as our little secret. But just between us, it blows up a gale sometimes.

So we dug out the old posts and replaced them with new cedar 4-by-4 posts with two bags of concrete per post. On the east side (where the wind comes from) we added some extra concrete bracing to resist the pressure of the wind on the fence.

While we were working, Dan and I caught up on the happenings in our lives. I really enjoyed spending the time with our kids (even though they worked this old man nearly to death).

While we were working, I was able to show my grandson some tricks I have learned to make building and fixing things easier. As I was doing that, I thought about how my dad taught me, and then I showed my son, and now we are passing those tools on to the next generation in his son.

Taking time to invest in your family is very important. If we find ourselves too taken up with our own interests and don't reach outside our selfish activities, we can miss out on some very important times, like teaching our children and grandchildren.

Let me encourage you to find a project you can do as a family. It can be anything everyone can participate in and do together, such as giving some firewood to an older couple - cut, split and deliver it, then stack it up for them. What a blessing you can be - not only to them, but as a family, you'll draw closer together.

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