The first half of 2011 was pretty wet in Inner Southeast Portland - THE BEE measured 28.44 inches of rain at our Westmoreland rain gauge for January through June of this year. Believe it or not, that's less than the first half of 2010 - 30.50 inches - but well over the first half of the previous two years: 21.08 inches in 2009, and 20.46 inches in 2008.

Five days exceeded an inch of rain in the first half of this year - January 16 (1.09'), February 28 (2.07'), March 1 (1.07'), March 10 (1.30'), and April 15 (1.01'). The wettest two-day period this year so far was February 28 through March 1 - a total of 3.14 inches. Our measurements are from 4 pm until 4 the following afternoon (which is our day of record).

Although the weather has been unusually mild here this year, we have had no killer strings of tornadoes, hurricanes, killer heat waves, droughts, blizzards, epochal floods, earthquakes, or eruptions - which puts us far apart from most of the rest of the world, recently. So, it's hard to complain. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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