State Rep. Scott Bruun is ineffectual and out of touch with constituents. He only introduced five bills last session including one to cut the capital gains tax to 4.5 percent (HB 2574). He was chief sponsor of House Bill 3144 and sought to defer taxes for Oregon corporations. Apparently, it's not enough for him that corporations have gone from paying 18.5 percent of state income taxes in 1975 to an abysmal 4.5 percent now.

Scott Bruun is missing in action in our community. I attend a lot of local events and government hearings and have yet to see him at one. Friends say the same thing. Have you heard from him except when he's asking for your vote?

Perhaps he's too busy being chief financial officer of his family's land development firm. Residents of West Linn and other District 37 communities love open spaces, including our parks, yet we're represented in the Oregon House by someone whose long-term financial interest depends on building structures that take away the beauty of our neighborhoods.

Two years ago, I discovered that Scott Bruun had only lived in District 37 a short time. I saw him as a carpetbagger who lost an election in Multnomah County and sought more fertile grounds. I believe he moved here because he learned that Randy Miller was not going to seek re-election.

As a citizen advocate, I provided research and met with Scott Bruun a few times. As our last meeting ended, he relayed that he was a good personal friend of a well-known lobbyist. This lobbyist advocates for insurance companies and MCOs and routinely authors anti-worker and anti-patient legislation. It was an inappropriate, left-field comment by Bruun and my first thought was that I had wasted a lot of my time.

Recently, Bruun mailed out campaign literature that listed his legislative contact information, including state e-mail address. Doing this was improper. Taxpayers could be on the hook for costs, such as legislative staff answering campaign inquiries.

Our voting power is the only thing preventing more harm to everyday people by all-powerful special interests. We need a state representative who participates in our community and represents our well being.

Bev Backa is such a person. She's intelligent and a well-informed expert on issues that impact our lives in serious ways. Please visit her Web site at to learn more and then join me in supporting and voting for Bev Backa for state representative.

Ernest Delmazzo is a resident

of West Linn.

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