Another P-town landmark is gone

Say goodbye to the neighborhood.

The gay bathhouse on the corner of Southwest 12th and Stark, along with the nightclub Silverado in the same building, have been sold to downtown property mogul Greg Goodman. … Although no one seems particularly eager to talk about what's next, it seems unlikely that Goodman will continue to operate the bathhouse, whose windows were covered over some years ago when the managers of Jake's Famous Crawfish, just across the street, complained about the free shows their customers were getting every night along with their crab cakes. … Here's hoping Goodman doesn't lock the doors and let the building sit idle. Or worse, tear it down and turn it into a parking lot, a la Escape From New York, the pizza place that used to sit across from the Galleria.

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Once again, fellow journalism students, it's time for Forbes magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans - and once again, in its coverage of the great event, The Oregonian is modest to a fault. … No. 1, of course, is Microsoft's Bill Gates at $53 billion. Cleveland High graduate Phil Knight comes in 30th with an estimated net worth of $7.9 billion. … Inexplicably missing from the news story: Big O owners Don and Sam Newhouse of New York City, who are tied for 38th place with $7.3 billion each. … As I try to tell The O's editors every year about this time: Hey guys, who ya think you're fooling? … Patricia Campuzano, who got into the comedy promotion game at La Bamba and the Leaky Roof back in the '80s, figures it's time again for a little thinking-man's humor. … Or as Will Durst, who'll be headlining the Oct. 8 'Laugh Nights' event at Jimmy Mak's puts it, 'I do comedy for people who read or know someone who does.' … Also starring will be local-boys-made-good Dave Anderson and Dwight Slade - and, of course, Rick Reynolds, who would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that probably the most annoying thing about him is that he's hugely opinionated. 'But I kind of make up for that by always being right.' Sounds like a fun night.

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Yes, that was indeed '80s rock star Huey Lewis hitting golf balls at the Waverley Country Club last week with best-selling P-town author Larry Colton. … In fact, now that Lewis has signed to produce the film version of Colton's book, 'Counting Coup' - about a Native American girl's struggle to survive while playing basketball on a Montana reservation - they've been hanging out a lot together. … 'Quite a guy,' says Colton admiringly. 'Good-looking. Smart. And he obviously knows great literature.' … OK, so maybe I went a little overboard making fun of the plan for Metro to get into the hotel business. … As one thoughtful reader points out, a public investment in the so-called headquarters hotel project 'would at least benefit existing public assets like the Rose Quarter and the Oregon Convention Center. South Waterfront seems to only benefit private condo developers and owners.' … Well, at least we agree on the second part. … Just so you know, though: Mayor Tom Potter isn't the only public official to ask why, if the hotel's such a great idea, some private entrepreneur doesn't snap it up. … When Mike Burton was running Metro, he said the same thing. All in all, not such bad company to keep.

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