Who owns the right of way is key issue

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your coverage of a complaint to the Federal Transit Authority by Charles 'Skip' Ormsby. The last sentence of this coverage stated that his previous complaint to the FTA 'was dismissed.' This complaint also has no basis.

Mr. Ormsby identifies himself as the 'chair of the Birdshill CPO (reforming). This CPO does not currently exist.

His complaint is based on a comment made by Councilor Newman at a public meeting about comments made at a prior public meeting. Your reporter missed the essence of why other cities are not represented at the committee level. The members of the steering committee are representative of the consortium that owns the right of way: These being the city of Lake Oswego, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, city of Portland, Tri-Met, Oregon Department of Transportation and Metro.

If this line were planned to go to Milwaukie or West Linn, they would certainly be included. West Linn's interest is that they would have to transfer onto the Streetcar. That may be true, but since we haven't finished the alternatives analysis and don't even know if it will be a streetcar, this concern is not currently germane to the process.

We would not, however, even have started this process had the public not already owned the right of way that was being maintained as a future rail use.

Metro is currently conducting a process that follows the FTA guidelines and includes a wide variety of interests and stakeholders. It is an open process with no collusion, no secret pacts, no triumvirate. I was correctly quoted as stating the complaint was 'ridiculous.'

Judie Hammerstad

Mayor of Lake Oswego

Why wasn't death noted at school?

To the Editor:

My name is Katie MacKenzie and I am currently a senior at Lake Oswego High School. I am responding to Cori Bolger's cover story of the freshman from Lake Oswego High School who committed suicide.

Even attending this school, I did not hear about this week-old incident until this morning. I am completely shocked by the fact that there was no mentioning by the administration or even talk through the students. Should events like this be addressed?

I hope the school or students find some way to contribute condolences to the Smeltz family.

Katie MacKenzie

Lake Oswego

Downtown art efforts lauded

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to Elaine Harper, head of the Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts, and the Lake Oswego community:

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and all those who made this huge undertaking possible. Over the years I have been involved both directly and indirectly with numerous functions to promote the arts in the community. I know that it takes the dedicated energies of those with vision to orchestrate volunteers and generate sponsors. This is no easy task. Aside from the artists' work selected, it is the talent of those individuals behind the scenes that make such an endeavor a success. And a success it is!!!

As I listened to the speakers at the reception it became clear to me the energy you have generated in your community. The attention to detail and the care in sighting the work was extrordinary. And the tour! Weather be darned, nothing could dampen the spirits of those groups of people touring the unveiling. With fanfare (I loved the trumpet!) of the ribbon cutting, the drama of the cloth lowered and the sculpture comments made for an evening to be remembered.

My hat is off to you and those responsible. Your town is beautiful, the sculpture is beautiful, as are those who treasure feeding the soul. Thank you for allowing me to participate in such a worthwhile event and the chance (at least for the next couple years) to be a part of this very special community.

Kevin Pettelle

Sultan, Wash.

'Sincere sympathies are with the family'

To the Editor:

The suicide of one of our youths is a tragic, unfortunate, private event.

I am appalled at the Review's decision to publish this as a front page news story. I have always considered our local paper as a place for celebrating our community's achievements, applauding our children's accomplishments, and communicating civic events.

Reporting the graphic details of this death and publishing the youth's name was disrespectful and unnecessary. If the family wanted details disclosed, they could have reported their loss in the obituary section at their own will. The Review crossed the line.

My deepest and most sincere sympathies are with the family.

Kisa Nantz

Lake Oswego

Responses by city officials observed

To the Editor:

Joshua Thomas, thank you so kindly for extending professional courtesies and initiating Bob Harding to your and the city of Lake Oswego's 'Josh Order.'

This is due, of course, to his letter that was published in the Lake Oswego Review and editor notes on Sept. 21 regarding project costs and the potential impacts on residents of the Lake Oswego Urban Growth Management Area (UGMA).

I, too, received your and the city of Lake Oswego's honorarium induction to the 'Josh Order' on Thursday, June 23, 2005, in the Lake Oswego Review. On Thursday, June 30, 2005, I extended an invitation to open debates on issues regarding the Foothills Area Plan. There has yet to be any counter offer by any official of the city of Lake Oswego or city council to this date.

With respect to the assertion by the triumvirate of Newman, Hansen and Hammerstad that my claims to the Federal Transit Administration are 'unfounded,' please get the appropriate time charges and conduct, then publish the results of research in the Lake Oswego Review, and forward copies to myself and FTA Region X (10) office in Seattle, Wash., on the following since Fiscal year 2002:

1. All published notices, agendas, invitees, attendance rosters and minutes, with respect to meeting of the Willamette Shore Line Consortium.

2. All published notices, agendas, invitees, attendance rosters, and minutes, with respect to all Metro committee meetings. Where the boundaries of the Oregon Highway 43 corridor study were discussed prior to display at the first meeting of Lake Oswego, DTAAC (Downtown Transit Alternatives Advisory Committee) on Monday, March 7, 2005, 7 p.m.

Charles 'Skip' B. Ormsby


Pedestrian-friendly plan

according to who?

To the Editor:

After reading the 'Draft Lake Grove Village Center Plan' I wondered if the 'pedestrian-friendly' (please define) aspects of the plan were for the few hundred or so nearby residents who might walk to Boones Ferry Road from time to time, or might the city be planning to bus in pedestrians to soak up the friendly atmosphere-to-be.

As one who drives down Boones Ferry four or five times a week it seems to me that the need, unfortunately, is to make the street more 'vehicle friendly.' The proposed landscaped median would, of course, eliminate mid-block left turns. In order to enter a business on the left side of the street, one would have to proceed to the next stoplight and make a U-turn. To me, putting in a center turn lane is more sensible approach. Not as pretty, but less costly to construct and maintain. Those in Lake Grove who want to 'pedestrianate' can run up to pedestrian-friendly A Avenue, better shopping and very lightly strolled.

Joe Stern

Lake Oswego

Not such a nice welcome here in Lake Oswego

To The Editor:

The pursuit of happiness … what is it? A house on the lake, a newfound piece of art, a day filled with sun and leisure. Whatever it is, it's individual. Not community.

In response to the letter published Sept. 13 by a neighbor, Kathy Keating, our pursuit is not any easier with neighbors like this.

She shared with all of us her issues with our house on Lakewood Bay. She mentions how her eye is displeased and wishes others had a hand in the design. Well … well … well. Individuality is key in any community. Free forums are important, too. Yet, this letter was kind of rude, a McOpportunity of a community member and her two cents.

Our house happens to be in a location that attracts more notice than others. If the location was a deadend street off Childs Road, no notice probably would have been taken. But Lakewood Bay … look out community concern.

I drove by Kathy's North Shore home and saw a garage. Her 50s-style ranch home with a flat roof and street front that says all garage door. Maybe the designer was out to lunch that day of planning. Come on Kathy, we can find poor qualities in anything if we look for them. Yet, your home I'm sure is perfect.

I'm a builder and a longtime (34 years) Lake Oswego resident. One of our next projects just announced is next door to Ms. Keating. I hope this project isn't another multimillion dollar blunder in her eyes. A warm welcome to that neighbor would be the way one greets a new family to the community. Not words of unkindness.

I'm hoping next time I hear a comment from a neighbor … it's a welcome, like so many of you have said. My wife, 14-month-old daughter and I would like to thank you all.

Joe Warner

Lake Oswego

Classic Building Company

Jordan would be an

outstanding councilor

To the Editor:

Donna Jordan would be an outstanding city councilor. I have known Donna for over five years, having served with her on the city's Transportation Advisory Board. Over the years, we have had numerous discussions, participated in many public hearings together, and actively debated a wide range of transportation topics.

Two things stand out in my mind that make her uniquely qualified to serve our city. First, she has a remarkable ability to pursue and develop an understanding of the details of an issue, when a situation required that be done. As a result, her work is always based on the correct facts and solid technical ground. And second, is her ability to balance the issues and any competing interests when making decisions. Additionally, because she is so good at correctly framing an issue and then communicating that to others, her actions and the actions of others result in practical solutions that address the problem and really work.

In the years that I have known Donna, she has always been a tireless worker and frequent volunteer. She has served on numerous special committees, all aimed at serving and bettering our community. She clearly understands the workings of government and the political side of the equation, but isn't afraid to stand up and support what is right for the community. Having watched her work all these years, I believe she truly is a special candidate for city council.

Steve Schulte

Lake Oswego

School bus ride was frightening for students

To the Editor:

On Sept. 22, we were riding Bus 17 from Palisades Elementary School to my house with Jessica Roquette and Brontë Brecht, some of my friends from school and my sister.

We took a wrong turn on South Shore Boulevard and ended up at George Rogers Park.

Then we turned onto the bridge. People were freaking out. And we were really worried. We were sure that our bus would never stop. We were on Pacific Highway! One kid was so scared he cried for the rest of his ride. Then we turned on to Cherry Lane and drove to Hallinan Elementary School. We hadn't even done the first stop and we were at least 10 miles from it.

We pulled up next to Bus 29 and the driver on that bus was the previous driver! By that time, kids were yelling, 'Let us off! We can walk from here! We don't like this bus driver!'

At the first stop, a mom came down, and she looked really worried and kind of mad. All of the moms were pretty mad. Our mom said we couldn't ride the bus until this was fixed! One kid had a part-time job and was yelling, 'I'm fired! I'm fired!'

Pretty soon we had to change buses! We were home an hour and a half after school ended.

And those were the strange events on the bus.

Jessica Roquette, age 9,

Sarah Stewart, age 7,

Maegan Stewart, 9,

and Brontë Brecht, age 9

Lake Oswego residents and students at Palisades Elementary School

Poor sportsmanship is an embarassment to the city

To the Editor:

I have been embarrassed and shocked recently to hear that Lakeridge and Lake Oswego high schools are notorious in Oregon for their terrible fan behavior at games! I have been told that they consistently boo the officials when they call fouls on Lake Oswego players, give coaches a bad time if their teams do not win or if they don't play the parent's child, and, generally, exhibit poor sportsmanship at games. I suppose parents consider this as 'support' for their school's team, but it is more correctly defined as poor sportsmanship and an embarrassment to the community of Lake Oswego.

I would hope this might be a point for discussion at both high schools, and an effort should be made to change this image. There are many positive ways to show support! Is it any wonder that officials are hard to get, and coaches choose to quit coaching far before they retire today?

Please, high school administrators, do something to help Lake Oswego be known as a town of good sports, as well as winning teams!

Margaret Anderson

Lake Oswego

Add Donna Jordan to

the city council

To the Editor:

I am endorsing Donna Jordan for Lake Oswego City Council.

During these past two years, Donna has been a board member of Northwest Dance Theater, a non-profit, pre-professional ballet company.

As production manager for Northwest Dance Theatre's ballet productions, 'A Nutcracker Tea' and 'Dance Collage,' I had the delightful experience of working with Donna. I found her to be a team player with great listening skills and a diplomatic consensus builder.

Volunteering for the ballet company is just one example of her professionalism and volunteer effort in support of our community.

She will bring fresh ideas and energy to the council. Her tireless energy and desire to serve her community will benefit all of Lake Oswego.

Jody Krogh

Lake Oswego

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