Nutz-n-Boltz Theater presents 'Males Order Brides'
by: Garth Guibord, Eligible bachelors wait for their new brides — or so they think.

In a play where all the characters end up getting their just desserts, the audience ends up with a little dessert of their own.

The Nutz-N-Boltz Theatre's newest production, 'Males Order Brides or… Big Harry Deal's Scandalous Scheme!' will feature the year-old troupe's latest amenity, dessert theater.

'People were asking us, 'When will you guys have dinner theater?' ' said Kelly Lucas-Macsisak, co-founder of the company. 'We thought dessert would be easier than dinner.'

In addition to dessert, the audience will be treated to the Billy St. John play, a melodramatic comedy set in Denver in the 1890s.

A lawyer named Big Harry Deal, played by Justin Lazenby, creates a get-rich-quick scheme to get the fortunes of four men. Deal's plan includes finding fiancées for each man who will inherit their money when a misfortune strikes. What the men don't know is they're all betrothed to the actress Starr Billings, played by Lucas-Macsisak in a role encompassing five characters.

Nutz-N-Boltz also will bring the audience on board for this production, using cue cards to elicit cheers and boos when the time is right.

'We decided to do it because we wanted to have our first experiment on an interactive audience experience,' Lucas-Macsisak said. 'There's really good crowd pleasers and lots of booing and hissing and cheering.'

Up-and-coming director Veronica Rickerd oversees the play. While Rickerd has been involved in numerous Nutz-N-Boltz productions in the past, this is her first time directing.

'I've never had to give direction,' said Rickerd, 17, a junior at Gresham High School. 'I've always been one to take direction because I've either been on stage or on stage-crew. It's good to see it from the other side.'

For a first-time director, Rickerd's success in the position is in part because of the support that Lucas-Macsisak and Lazenby have shown her throughout the process.

'They've been really good on letting me experience this myself,' Rickerd said. 'They stay off to the sidelines, and I go up to them for notes every other rehearsal. They're there to observe me and help me when I need it.'

Rickerd, who wants to own her own theater company someday, believes that the audience will feed off the energy that the actors will bring to the production and, despite the competition from the apple pie, cheesecake and brownies, that the story will captivate the audience.

'I love how it's an easy thing to follow, but it's so different how one lady is playing different brides and herself,' Rickerd said. 'It has so many branches to go off of, it makes it really interesting.'

With Rickerd at the helm, Jaime Ray Macsisak, who plays one of the eligible bachelors, C.D. Nichols, and helped start Nutz-N-Boltz, sees a bright future for the production and for the company. Just like the audience, Nutz-N-Boltz gets to have its cake and eat it too.

'It's going great,' Macsisak said. 'Veronica was my assistant director for the first show we did at this location (the Boring Grange). She's doing a great job. (Rickerd) and the other kids who helped are still with us, and they're the future of the company.'


Show times: Oct. 6-22

7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

3 p.m. Sunday matinee

Dessert and show: $10

Show only: $7

Location: Boring-Damascus Grange

Call 503-593-1295 for details and reservations.

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