It would be easy to take a look at the Oregon House District 38 race between Lake Oswego residents Greg Macpherson and Fred Bremner and say, simply, 'You don't fix what isn't broken.'

And in Macpherson, the incumbent two-time Democrat legislator, you have a real treasure. He's smart, works with both parties and is considered a rising star in the world of state politics.

And he definitely isn't broken.

The Oregon Legislature is, however, and that's a shame because it prevents accomplished legislators like Macpherson from getting a lot more done. Between slow-as-molasses movement, an unhealthy reliance on lobbyists, a developing scandal involving several legislators accepting (and not reporting) an inappropriate lobbyist's trip to Hawaii and just too much business as usual, the Legislature needs an overhaul.

Whether that should be a nip here and a tuck there or a virtual wrecking ball remains to be seen.

But we don't need to nip or tuck Macpherson and we certainly don't need to take a wrecking ball to his career. He's a gentleman, a lawyer who doesn't talk in legalese and an innovator.

And what of his opponent, Republican Fred Bremner?

A newcomer to state politics, although active in 'dental politics' for close to 40 years, the Milwaukie-based periodontist has focused his campaign on immigration reform, education excellence, health care and employment. Cornerstone issues appear to be illegal immigration and moral/ethical issues.

We believe he is running, in part, because he feels it is wrong for voters not to have a choice. We can appreciate that, although unfortunately for Bremner, we choose Macpherson.

We enjoy visiting with Bremner, who also is a gentleman, hearing his concerns about the problems of state government and we can't deny that he makes some good points. Unfortunately, his lack of experience in state politics and his key concerns don't add up to a strong enough platform to support.

Macpherson has worked hard to carve out his niche in Salem. He had a strong hand in PERS reform legislation during his first session, and was involved in the landmark meth bill that helps keep pseudo-ephedrine, a key ingredient in meth manufacture, behind drug counters.

Closer to home he worked to increase the cap on the local option, which resulted in increased money coming to the Lake Oswego School District.

The race between Bremner and Macpherson is a quiet one, a 'sleeper' if you will. Neither is campaigning very much, but their actions thus far have been positive - a significant departure from some of the sleazy campaigns going on elsewhere in Oregon politics.

We like both men, but we especially like Macpherson for his politics, style and accomplishments. It would be a huge mistake not to return him to a third term in the Oregon House. While we wouldn't mind seeing a significant shuffle in both houses of the Legislature, getting rid of Greg Macpherson should not be an option.

Vote for Macpherson for House District 38.

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