Fastest-growing district in the state now has 37,340 students

Beaverton schools have added 915 students this school year.

As of Oct. 6, the Beaverton district reported enrollment of 37,340 students, an increase from last year's enrollment of 36,425.

'We are the fastest growing district in the state in the number of students,' Superintendent Jerry Colonna told School Board members Monday night.

Those numbers are expected to fluctuate before the district has to turn in final enrollment figures to the state in November.

Colonna noted that two years ago the district put an end to accepting students from outside the district because of crowded conditions. Also, the district agreed to forward its individual pupil reimbursement from the state to students who leave to attend another public school.

'So those efforts are definitely working to keep numbers down,' said Colonna.

Colonna said that 17 out of the district's 32 schools elementary schools are over their projected numbers.

Schools that have increased by a total student population of 5 percent or more include Beaver Acres, Chehalem, Greenway, McKinley, Raleigh Hills, Vose and Raleigh Park.

Raleigh Park was projected to have 400 students and has 401.

In the elementary grades, the greatest growth has occurred at Raleigh Hills, a kindergarten through eighth-grade school that grew by 11.3 percent (50 students over the school's projected amount) over last year.

Part of that growth is attributed to the fact the school added the eighth grade this year.

Meanwhile, the district reported that seven of its middle schools and three high schools were over projected numbers.

With 2,516 students, Westview is not only the largest high schools in the district, but also the state.

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