The Beaverton School Board has officially opposed two ballot measures they say would significantly reduce funding for schools and other state services.

On Monday, the board approved resolutions opposing Ballot Measures 41 and 48 in the Nov. 7 election.

Measure 41 allows state income tax deductions equal to federal exemptions, which would substitute for state exemption credit.

Measure 48 limits the biennial percentage increase in state spending to a percentage increase in state population with inflation included.

The district estimates that it could lose as much as $28,338,077 under Measure 41 and as much as $88,006,451 under Measure 48 from 2005-09.

'It is, financially, just deadly,' said Karen Cunningham, board vice chairwoman, of Measure 48.

She noted that a similar measure adopted in Colorado in 1992 created so many problems that voters repealed it.

Monday's resolution passed unanimously.

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