Former mayor endorses Reiter

To the Editor:

As a former mayor of Lake Oswego who feels a continuing responsibility to our community, I think it is essential that we elect the best city council possible. That is why I urge you to vote for Doug Reiter for our Lake Oswego City Council.

Lake Oswego will be faced with critical budgetary and financial decisions in the next two years and many citizens feel they are not being heard on these issues. The choices and policy options facing our community need broad input. We all want to keep Lake Oswego fiscally sound and to keep the quality of life we all enjoy in focus for ourselves and our children.

Doug Reiter is committed to listening to the citizenry and neighborhood associations of Lake Oswego, and Doug will bring back greater citizen participation in the direction our community will take.

Doug Reiter also has the business and problem-solving skills to make the tough decisions about spending our taxpayer dollars wisely and strategically.

Please join me in voting for Doug Reiter for Lake Oswego City Council.

Alice Schlenker

Lake Oswego

Mayor 1988-1996

Former Chairman, Oregon State Government Standards and Practices Commission

Vote 'to take back our country'

To the Editor:

Should the Democrats control Congress after the elections? Yes.

Forgetting about the Foley scandal, when the Republican-led Congress passes legislation that not only compromises our civil liberties but the constitution of the United States and lies, then yes I think the Democrats should control Congress.

It defies belief that this president and his administration continue to find new unexplored political gutters into which they could wallow. Maybe we should blame Bill Clinton for Pearl Harbor, too. It is startling that any president of this nation can accuse Democratic leaders, Democrats, the majority of Americans, Democrat or Republicans, who disagree with his policies, of treason. Doesn't anyone get this?

If that doesn't scare you, the Republican-led Senate of the United States also passed the Military Commissions Act giving the president sweeping new powers to arrest and detain non-citizens and possibly citizens as well, either here or abroad, including individuals who are not engaged in armed conflict against the United States and to hold them indefinitely without charge, without trial, and without access to federal habeas corpus review to challenge the legality of their detention.

A bill that permits indefinite detention without charge(s) and without judicial recourse is not only an assault on 'our' rule of law but an affront to all American values. It will further tarnish our nation's reputation for fairness and will place all of us at further risk.

My personal suggestion to every one, vote, take back our country. I know many of you are cynical about what's going on both locally and nationally, but vote.

David W Day

Lake Oswego

Many folks helped with rummage sale

To the Editor:

On September 29 and 30, 2006, the Forest Hills Elementary School held its 11th annual Rummage Sale.

It was a huge success making over $10,000, which will be used towards the school's curriculum enrichment.

This school event was an amazing effort of so many people. First, thanks to my two co-chairs, Kimberly Kraus and Laurie Lamont. Your help and endless hours of work made the rummage sale a fun and incredibly successful event. Thank you to all the Forest Hills families (present and alumni) that donated rummage items, helped at the sale, volunteered their vehicles for deliveries, posted bright pink signs in their yards, flower pots, hedges, and cars, and donated their time, effort and sweat. Thank you to the school staff: Gwen Hill, principal, Wende Milner, Anne-Marie Simpson, Brian Kelly, and Joe Torres for all the office support, logistics and facilities support, coming in early, staying late, helping with setup and cleanup.

The community response to our sale was overwhelming.

Households from all over town, whether they were alumni or not even related to Forest Hills, were very generous in donating amazing items for the sale, offering to post signs in their yards, and coming in to shop at the sale. Thank you Chuck for the coffee that kept us going! Thank you Subway for the delicious sandwiches at a moments notice! Thank you Cinematouch for the primo advertising location!

I was very touched by all the effort and support we received throughout our sale benefitting our young kids and their school. Thank you Lake Oswego and we'll see you at next year's sale!

Grace Lee

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: In last week's Lake Oswego Review Education section, a school brief on Forest Hills Elementary School's 11th annual Rummage Sale incorrectly suggested that Grace Lee was the sole organizer of the event. Lee was one of several co-organizers. Additionally, a reference to contacting her about next year's event was incorrect, because, as she notes, 'I never asked people to call me about next year's rummage sale, in which I may or may not be involved.'

Vote for Johnson is vote for the future

To the Editor:

A vote for Kristin Johnson for Lake Oswego City Council is a vote for the future of our city. Kristin has been preparing for this office since junior high school. She has never wavered from her commitment to serve her community through local government.

Active in student government, in city government as a high school representative to the Lake Oswego City Council, in Girls State, and as a student of political science, Kristin knows how governing bodies work. She has high ideals and is also practical, understanding the importance of consensus. She knows how to listen as well as how to speak. She asks incisive, tough questions and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Kristin is smart and thorough in her study of issues. Her work in the Honors College at University of Oregon and her thinking reflect her ability to dissect an issue, make logical analyses, and propose creative, efficient solutions. Involved in local issues since she was a child, Kristin has strong relationships with people of all ages in this city.

Some may think it is risky to elect a young adult to city council. Kristin is young, but she is experienced for her age, knowledgeable and astute. She is committed to moving our city forward and to keeping city government participatory. Her incredible energy and willingness to make a positive difference are qualities we need in a city councilor.

Dave and Lynne Booher

Lake Oswego

Jordan deserves to be supported

To the Editor:

I have served with Donna Jordan on the Transportation Advisory Board and strongly support her candidacy for Lake Oswego City Council.

As the current vice-chair of TAB, I have had the opportunity to work with Donna Jordan to address the transportation and development issues confronting Lake Oswego and am continually impressed with her abilities.

Donna Jordan demonstrates a deep commitment and concern for the needs of Lake Oswego residents. She has a knowledge and understanding not only of the issues confronting Lake Oswego residents, but also of the resources and mechanisms available to resolve these concerns. Frequently, when confronted with a difficult transportation or development problem, Donna Jordan finds a way to think 'outside of the box' and creates a practical solution that solves the problem and works in the best interests of the Lake Oswego citizens. I am confident that Donna Jordan will continue in this regard as a valuable member of our City Council.

Donna Jordan is a committed member of our community who frequently goes above and beyond by volunteering her time and knowledge to our community. I strongly support her candidacy for city council and respectfully urge the voters of Lake Oswego to do the same.

Kevin Barton

Lake Oswego

Peterson has leadership qualities for county post

To the Editor:

The quality of leadership is extremely critical. We are in desperate need of a leader who has the gift of creative vision and compassion for both human and ecological health. Without optimum health you are poor, no matter how much money you have in the bank. The other issues can follow, which will enhance the quality of life in each community.

We are fortunate to have Lynn Peterson emerge as a candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner. She was blessed with this gift of creative vision and compassion. Don't miss this 2006 opportunity to vote for this talented leader.

Lee Saunders

Lake Oswego

Johnson would be good fit for council

To the Editor:

Kristin Johnson, I'm proud to say, is my granddaughter.

Her scholastic record, work ethic and her community service speak of her ability to be a viable candidate for Lake Oswego City Council. Kristin is serious, intelligent and a very good listener. She is highly respected by the people who know her.

Besides her listed endeavors in her campaign literature, I would like to share one of my favorite aspects about my granddaughter: Her passion for learning. Even as a little girl, it was always important that she researched and processed her important decisions, from taking care of her goldfish to deciding the best breed of dog for her family. This involved many trips to the library where each time we would check out a stack of books for her to do her research. I think this speaks volumes about the type of person she has grown into. She commits to learning as much as she can because she knows how important it is to gather information before making decisions.

Kristin is young, energetic and has a sense of humor. We laugh a lot, the three of us: Her mother, Tris, Kristin and I. I am confident that Kristin will be a dedicated decision-maker that the citizens of Lake Oswego expect and deserve.

A very proud Nana.

Dee Denton

Lake Oswego

'Vote with your head, not your heart'

To the Editor:

All politicians have the same motto, 'How can we fool the voters today?'

So, vote for the politician who can best trim the size of the government, lower taxes, protect our pocketbooks, protect our individual freedoms and protect our security.

Vote with your head, not your heart.

Wendy A. Morean

Lake Oswego

'Committed to the

public process'

To the Editor:

As a member of the Planning Committee for the proposed Community Center, I take issue with John Surret's Citizen's View comments in the Oct. 6 Review.

Regardless of what he thinks was said at the Sept. 27 meeting of the committee, I want to emphasize that I, as well as my fellow committee members, are committed to the public process and value constructive citizen input.

George Benson

Lake Oswego

Plenty of reasons to vote for Reiter

To the Editor:

I have lived in Lake Oswego for 30-plus years, own my own business and rarely have we been able to select a person with Doug Reiter's credentials to serve on the Lake Oswego City Council.

Doug has run a small business, successfully, for over 25 years with all the incumbent problems. We need council members who can analyze and structure the investment of our taxpayer dollars in a way that makes fiscal sense and doesn't overburden the taxpayer community.

Doug has an open mind, will listen to the community, do his homework, and be a prudent steward and defender of our tax dollars and community standards. Please join me in voting for Doug Reiter.

Robert J Wilhelm, Jr.

Lake Oswego

Conservative voters should vote wisely

To the Editor:

This is to ask conservative voters not to vote for either the Conservative Party candidate or the Libertarian Party candidate for governor. If they are successful in their vote getting, the only thing they will achieve is the election of the Democratic candidate.

So, please don't 'send a message' by voting for either, and please don't 'sit on your hands' and not vote at all. Let's vote for Saxton. His governorship will be far more acceptable to conservatives than that of Mr. K's.

Joe Stern

Lake Oswego

Reiter vote is one for positive leadership

To the Editor:

Vote for Doug Reiter for Lake Oswego City Council.

Please join us in voting for Doug Reiter for city council. Doug has lived in Lake Oswego for over 20 years and will serve the community with integrity and enthusiasm. With over 30 years of business experience, Doug will bring a broad and valued perspective to the city council. Doug is passionate about our city's future and is willing to give his time and considerable talents to the benefit of us all.

A vote for Doug Reiter is a vote for continued positive leadership in Lake Oswego.

Dick and Kristen Winn

Lake Oswego

Devlin fights

for good causes

To the Editor:

You wouldn't know from his calm, polite demeanor that our state Sen. Richard Devlin is a fighter.

But he is.

In Salem he fights hard for education. He knows how to go to the mat for the environment. He stands up for ordinary citizens. He's on the side of things I value and he makes his stands with decency, integrity and perseverance.

I'm proud to support him.

David V. Yaden

Lake Oswego

Elect Jordan to the Lake Oswego council

To the Editor:

Lake Oswego is fortunate to have a candidate for Lake Oswego City Council who would bring years of community service and leadership to that position.

I have known Donna Jordan since she served on the Multnomah County ESD and the Portland School Board. She demonstrated then as she continues to do in her volunteer committee work on the Transportation Committee and the Lake Grove Re-Development Planning Committee, fiscal responsibility, pro-active planning, and consensus building.

Donna gets involved because she truly cares. She is eager to know the details of an issue before her, listens to all sides, and works to achieve a result which will benefit the greater good of Lake Oswego residents. Her willingness to serve as a city council member will be a benefit to the citizens of the city.

I urge her election to the Lake Oswego City Council.

Judy Cushing

Lake Oswego

Transfers would be a big concern

To the Editor:

In the past month I have written a series of letters about transit and development projects facing Birdshill and the greater Lake Oswego and West Linn communities. I intend to continue this means of public exposure to illuminate details that are not being considered by Lake Oswego and Metro citizen advisory committees.

Seldom, however have there been any responses from committee members and / or elected officials to clarify my concerns. I hope the public will become concerned because we will all pay for these projects in time, taxes, and fees of many types.

My concern this week is transfers. Today Line 35 - Macadam - provides direct service between Portland and Oregon City without transfer to the central portion of the Portland Transit Mall. If an extension of the Portland Streetcar is chosen to be the prime mover by committees and governments this will change for the worse.

All riders outside the one half-mile walking distance of a transit center on the east side of Lake Oswego will be forced to transfer twice with probable risks. Or drive their cars to a park-and-ride facility and compete for limited spaces at great expense.

Risk for transfers comes in two classes, connections and safety.

Connections between feeder buses and streetcar require clockwork precision. Anyone who drives Highway 43 today knows the choke point south of the railroad tracks to Marylhurst University. How likely is it that you will make a transfer on time or be forced to wait in the rain, cold and /or heat for the next streetcar or feeder bus?

Safety during transfers reflects laws and station design. What systems are in place and validated to enable the police and courts to protect you, your spouse and children from assault by indigents or drug addicts?

Station design. Do you want to cross three lanes of bus/rail and streetcar/auto/truck traffic daily? Examine the transfer at PSU Urban Center - S.W. Fifth and S.W. Montgomery at the south end of the transit mall.

Required transfers to support the streetcar?

Ask for responses. It is only your time.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby

Birdshill Area

Measures 41, 48 force school cuts

To the Editor:

Your actions over the next two and a half weeks will determine the direction of education for a generation of our school children, the health care for our parents and grandparents and the safety of our community.

Ballot Measures 41 and 48 force deep cuts in public services and take our state backward - I am asking you to join me in voting 'no' on these measures.

Measure 41 is a retroactive, complicated tax measure authored by Bill Sizemore. The cut to Lake Oswego schools in the 2007-09 biennium is over $4 million - this is nearly a million more than the amount raised by our excellent school foundation over the past two years.

Measure 48 is nearly identical to the failed formula which littered Colorado's constitution for twelve years, during which time support for education fell to nearly dead last in the nation. The impact to Lake Oswego schools could be as high as $10 million in 2007-09.

Both measures are being bankrolled by out-of-state special interests who have poured over $1 million into campaigns in Oregon.

As a 1991 graduate of Lake Oswego High School, and as a father raising two children who are on track to graduate from Lakeridge in 2021 and 2024, I am asking you to join me in the effort to educate our community about Measures 41 and 48. If you want to learn more about how you can help over the next two weeks please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Rob Wagner

Lake Oswego

Support Jordan for city council spot

To the Editor:

I am a Lake Oswego resident writing in support of Donna Jordan's campaign for Lake Oswego City Council. I also know Donna through the Portland Chapter of ARCS Foundation, (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists). This is a chapter that is only two years old. Donna has been a key member who has handled the communication and publication area of the organization, her keen sense of business, commonsense and skill has been invaluable, she stands out as a leader with everything she commits herself to. She is approachable, respectful and task oriented.

The knowledge and experience that she has from her active involvement with the city of Lake Oswego, the proposed Lake Grove Village Center and proposed future development of the Foothills area will bring insight and experience to the city council. Her previous work with the Portland Public School Board and Multnomah Education Service District Board shows she is truly qualified and the type of city council member we need for Lake Oswego going forward into the future.

Donna is a young, vibrant thinker, who has the hard work ethic, knowledge and experience it takes to do the job. I urge the voters of Lake Oswego to cast your vote for Donna, you will be happy you did!

Liz Perkins

Lake Oswego

No more dollars on Safeco project

To the Editor:

Thank you for producing an excellent newspaper. My wife and I read it with interest each week. We especially appreciate the way you publish all sides of an issue.

In our view it is time for Lake Oswego City Council to stop spending any more taxpayer dollars on the Safeco project. It would make far more sense to use our money on more mundane, less glamorous matters like repairing our streets and roadways that are still hurting from last winter's rains.

It seems to be time for a statistically valid survey - one that would honestly evaluate how much interest we taxpayers have in continuing the Safeco project. City council might just listen to such a survey. Or not!

Jack Wolcott

Lake Oswego

It's impossible now to ignore party affiliation

To the Editor:

For over 20 years I was a registered Republican and for the past 25 years I have been an Independent. I have never in these 45-plus years voted a straight party ticket, choosing rather to pick that candidate I thought was the best person, regardless of political affiliation. I now find this impossible.

A vote for any Republican no matter how well qualified, from city councilman to president, has become another nail holding together the Wal-Mart-sized 'shop of horrors' that the Republican Party has become.

Perhaps some day real conservatives will regain control of their party, but until then I will have to find candidates among the Independents, Greens, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and yes, Democrats, as well as from whatever other source … qualified people may emerge. I encourage every voter to do the same.

Dennis McNish

Lake Oswego

Turn off those negative political ads on TV

To the Editor:

It was a tremendous pleasure to read Dave Frohnmayer's remarks in the Lake Oswego Review Oct. 12. His interest in civil and non-partisan political discourse is inspirational.

Frohnmayer mentioned several factors causing ill will, which he says 'has dominated American political discourse in the early years of the 21st century.' I want to point out another factor: Negative political advertising on television.

How many people are aware that negative political ads on TV cause Independents to stop voting altogether? How many are aware that these same ads actually teach people that 'politicians in general are cynical, uncivil, corrupt, incompetent, and untrustworthy?' That negative TV ads engender 'lower trust in government?' I am quoting the 1995 book, 'Going Negative; How Political Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate.'

The book notes that negative attack ads on television unfortunately often force opponents to respond in kind, since negative attacks may be successful if not countered -a vicious cycle.

None of us - Independents especially - should allow ourselves to be manipulated by television's negative and frequently inaccurate political ads. Don't be turned off! Instead, turn off the TV when you see a negative political ad coming. It's a little late now, but tell your candidates: Don't initiate any negative political TV ad campaigns.

To do our civic duty, we must be informed before we vote - preferably by written materials in our newspapers or provided by well-known civic organizations or other local, clearly-identified sources.

Then it's incredibly important that we all vote - including the Independents! - thereby fulfilling one of the most patriotic actions most of us can ever perform as responsible citizens.

Kathy Newcomb

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