TUALATIN - The Tualatin Public Library will remain open during its expansion project. The question is, though, will it find a new temporary home during construction?

Community Services Director Paul Hennon and city staff are considering the possibility of moving the Tualatin library to a temporary site during the upcoming expansion project, which will more than double the square footage of the library to 22,190 square feet.

A temporary move of the library services could mean a savings in construction costs and shave as much as four months off of the schedule, which currently has the expanded library opening in January of 2009.

'We know that it's a good idea,' Hennon said. 'Now we need to perfect it in the dollars-and-cents kind of way.'

If the library is not moved, it will remain open at its current location during construction.

City staff is looking at four potential sites that could temporarily house library services, Hennon said.

'We're looking at every available site within the proximity of downtown,' he said.

Construction of the library is expected to start in March or April of 2007. Hennon said that he hopes to make a decision on the temporary move of the library by December.

The staff is still researching whether a temporary move of the library facilities would even be feasible.

Hennon noted that staff needs to be sure that a temporary move could be done without increasing costs to the $9.2 million expansion project.

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