Bruun has my vote

To the Editor:

There is one major reason why I am supporting Scott Bruun: Jessica's Law. Representative Bruun worked tirelessly to get Jessica's Law passed. It took a special session, but he kept the pressure on his colleagues. With his work, kids in Oregon are safer today and sexual predators are in jail. Our Representative keeps his word and gets results! Bruun has my vote.

Julie Fadling


Encouraged by Bruun

To the Editor:

Oregon's health care crisis did not get fixed last legislative session.

In fact, Oregon's failure to address the problem head on is very frustrating for my family and for me. But recently, I was encouraged when the Oregonian recognized our State Representative, Scott Bruun, for having first-hand knowledge of our health care problem and for working for mental health parity.

I have decided to put aside my party registration and give Scott Bruun my vote.

Alyson and Benejamin Bicha


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