Real-life Rain Man shows off his tricks

Stopping by Salty's on the Columbia for lunch after a P-town speaking engagement last week, Kim Peek - the savant whose story the movie 'Rain Man' is based on - wowed the lady at the front desk by asking her date of birth, then telling her she was born on a Thursday and her 65th birthday this year would fall on a Monday. Now why can't I do that?

… Then, after making sure the golden Oscar statuette - which screenwriter Barry Morrow gave him after he won his Academy Award for best screenplay - was properly situated on the window table where he and his party of six were seated, Peek ordered a salmon BLT with a side of fruit. No fries for this guy. … Lots of angry e-mails from jazz fans who thought I was making fun of them in a recent item about the programming controversy over at all-jazz station KMHD (89.1). I must have said it wrong. … What I meant was: The station needs to stop programming just for us geezers. Wanna fight?

• • •

A funeral notice for Donna Mae Simich, retired owner of Donna Mae's Tavern on Northwest 26th between Upshur and Vaughn, reminded Mike Ryerson of the time he wrote a stinging editorial for the tiny Northwest Neighbors newspaper about what a tough joint it was. … Someone must not have agreed, because the morning after the paper came out, a brick came crashing through his office window. … 'Nothing personal, I'm sure,' says Ryerson fondly. 'She was a big friendly gal and all her customers loved her.' … Life is back to normal for Lauren Ruff, the 21-year-old local girl who stepped out of her understudy role in the off-Broadway musical 'Shout!' to perform brilliantly for a delegation of visiting Oregonians. … Now that the musical's lead singer is healthy again, says Lauren's mother, Susan, she's doing some ushering at the theater, a little baby-sitting and, of course, auditioning for every role that comes along. Break a leg, Lauren. … Sources say a deal is in the works for Brooks Bros., the high-end men's clothing store, to move into the Galleria at the corner of Southwest 10th and Morrison. … If so, so much for that old Ghost Mall nickname. … Meanwhile, over at KPAM 'Bob Miller in the Morning' is spinning a ditty called 'Come Ride the Tram,' which goes in part: 'It cost a lot money / It put us in a jam / Our children all will pay for it / But hey, we've got the tram.' … Last line: 'Wham, bam, thank you Tram.' Now what d'ya suppose he means by that?

• • •

Assuming former Police Chief Derrick Foxworth is truly determined to expose all the Portland Police Bureau's sexcapades over the years, I suggest he and his lawyers start with Diamond Jim Purcell - who, as chief of police in the mid-'50s, had a thing going with local stripper Candy Renee over at the Star theater at West Burnside and Sixth. … And then, of course, during the '70s, there were all the guys on the force hanging out at Bill's Gold Coin, then the epicenter of P-town prostitution - although, come to think of it, maybe they were just conducting a little undercover investigating on their own time. … Who says being a cop isn't the most glamorous job in town?

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