by: Gail Park, Bill Hunter

KC Travel Club offers loads to do

I want to thank Beverly Kirk, a board member of the King City Travel Club, who took the time to write me a letter to let me know, in a very professional way I might add, that The Courier was not doing its job when it came to covering her club.

Beverly's point was well taken, when she and other members picked up their October Courier, they discovered there was not a mention of the club's next excursion.

Bob Schoenberg, the RC editor and I plead guilty. There was no story on the KC Travel Club.

Beverly's kind letter brings up a very important point. Unfortunately we don't have space for all the club news in every issue, although we try our best.

In the case of the travel club, there was a mix up in communications, but that is beside the point.

We want to cover as many upcoming club events as we can, but we need your help. Here are a few pointers to assure that you news makes the paper:

•Make certain to have your item to the Regal Courier office by deadline. The deadline changes from month-to-month so just call the office at 503-639-5414 and we will give you the date. The rule of the thumb is the earlier the best when it comes to turning in news items.

•It's best for us if you can email your item. A typed press release works as well. All this is important so we make sure we have all the pertinent information. Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

•The most important thing for any club to do is to have one person designated to be the publicity chair, and the one who is responsible to making contact with the editor.

With this all said, I want to remind all of you travel fans that the King City Travel Club have a wonderful trip planned for November 4th. You can get into the fall Oktoberfest mood, by joining the club's popular excursion to the Verboort Sausage Festival. We understand that if you hurry there are still a few seats left for this fun event.

Call Beverly Kirk at 503 598-9414. Oh, and make sure you tell Beverly you read about it in the Courier!

It's holiday bazaar time in Summerfield

Mark your calendar for the 18th Annual Summerfield Craft Club Holiday Bazaar to be held in the clubhouse conference room November 3rd and 4th.

This no ordinary bazaar, as members work year round to hand craft items for the annual event. This is the perfect opportunity to start your Christmas shopping or indulge and buy something special for yourself.

Among other things you will find decorations for your home and garden for the holidays.

Popular items according to organizers include an array of fashions, unique aprons, boutique kitchenware, gifts galore and handmade cards.

Plus don't forget club members bring special goodies from their own kitchens, which are highly sought after every year.

Order your pictures of KC's 40th birthday

Some of you may have noticed that Regal Courier Creative Services Director, Gail Park attended much of the festival and helped out shooting pictures of the event.

Gail is the person who is responsible on a monthly basis for designing all the special color spreads that you see in the paper. She is also a very talented writer and photographer, so we asked if she would help the regular writers cover the big 40th anniversary.

Gail has a display of some pictures she took, most of which we printed in last month's issue, at City Hall. For a nominal fee of $5.00 per picture, you can order a copy or two for your own keepsake of the festival.

The pictures will be displayed during the month of November, so if you want a picture, get down to City Hall and place your order.

Reporters needed for Summerfield Summary

Have you ever gotten a bug to be a writer? Well here is your chance.

As most of you know the Summerfield Summary is written and produced by volunteers. A staff of approximately five people is being solicited to produce the monthly Summerfield newsletter, which is a key link to communicating with members.

If you have an interest in helping out, Sharon Hughes is heading up the reporting staff and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sharon says there are few requirements, but you must have a computer with MS Word 2000 (or better) and email.

The Summary is produced between the 16th and 23rd of each month so volunteers need to be available for a few hours each of these days.

This is a rewarding and fun way to connect with your community and volunteer your talents at the same time.

Speaking of email it's the way to communicate

Say the word email to most anyone and you will get a variety of reactions. People either love or hate it.

Well as Summerfield Board President Robert Resare notes the electronic mail address for Summerfield is printed at the top of every Summerfield Summary.

The email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the workweek the staff reads messages regularly and hopefully you will get a quick response.

The phone is still an option, but in today's world email has proven to be a quick and efficient way to get a quick answer to a question or to report something to the board's attention. So go ahead and use that computer and see how the electronic mail system is working at Summerfield.

And we are sure that President Resare would like to hear what's on your mind.

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