Democrats endorse Deguc for Circuit Court

The 20 active elected or duly appointed Democratic Precinct Committee Persons of Oregon House District 35 (King City/Tigard) have voted to endorse the candidacy of Vincent Deguc for the position of Circuit Court Judge Position 6, Washington County.

Mr. Deguc received his undergraduate degree from University of Notre Dame and his law degree from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College. His long and varied law career has prepared him well for all aspects of the judicial system. He and his wife, Beverly are active members of the Washington County community.

Mr. Deguc has also received the enthusiastic support and endorsement of The King City Democrats.

Ellie Burch RN

House District Leader 35

PCP Chair 419

King City Democrats Program Chair

Courts need experience

Vince Deguc has by far the most experience in matters before the court with over 31 years of legal experience and over 11 years as a Pro Tem Judge. None of Vince's decisions have been overturned on appeal.

His decisions have been right based upon the law. The other candidate has only 8 years of legal experience and none as a Pro Tem Judge and would need at least five to six years of OJT by his own admission. With Vince's 31 years as a trial lawyer he has gained a wide range of legal experience in matters of established law and case law. One cannot garner this same amount of knowledge in just 8 years.

Vince was honored as Washington County Volunteer of the Year because he is committed to his community and the people of Washington County. He has served over 30 organizations as board member and/or President, organizations such as Loaves and Fishes, Oregon HEAT, Prepared Childbirth, Metropolitan Human Relations, Oregon Food Bank for 22 years plus many others. He is Red Cross Blood/Aphresis Donor, and mentor for High School Seniors. Vince's wide range of legal experience, solid judicial experience and a long list of volunteer service to the community makes him the best qualified for this position. For more information please go to Also the Oregon State Bar web site to check further on both candidates. And don't forget to vote for Judge Position 6.

Bill Gerkin

Treasurer for the Friends of Vince Deguc campaign

Candidates urged to clean it up

Oregonians don't need someone who can't discern the difference between truth and half lies, innuendo and inaccurate information. (Ron) Saxton, or his ad writers, are guilty of the above - as are many other candidates.

I am repulsed by this type of ad garbage. Just tell me what you will investigate, research and work to accomplish. Don't bather to mention an opponent!! He/she may be a nice, hard working person, as you may be, (but) I can't tell from the ads.

Patricia Miller

King City

Supports voting for libraries

I'm writing in support of Measure 34-126 for operating all Washington County libraries. The City of Tigard built a new library in May 2002. This was a great thing for our great city. We need to act now to keep this library going.

The Tigard Library is partially funded by the Washington County Cooperative Library Services, as are the other Washington County libraries. Tigard's share of County funding has decreased since the last operation levy failed. To maintain the 12 libraries across the county this will cost the taxpayers only 17 cents per $1,000 assess valuation for the next four years. That's and average of about $33 per year.

Please join me and my friends in voting 'yes' on Measure 34-126 this coming November, for the Tigard Library and other Washington County libraries.

Jackie Dirksen


Term limits erode voting rights

Measure 45 is asking me to limit my voting rights, how audacious. Measure 45 would limit the number of terms that a given office holder could serve. In so doing it would deny me the opportunity to vote for whom I believe is the most qualified candidate, and it would probably deny the state the future Hatfields and McCalls.

In Oregon we have term limits. But when a person's term in office has expired, he/she may run again. Obviously some people are unhappy with certain office holders and with their repeated success at the polls, and think term limits is the way to remove them.

There is a well established process for effecting such a change - by the next election find a well qualified candidate to challenge the incumbent, and let the voters decide. This process is central to our system of government.

I have always believed that the initiative process had a place in our legislative system, but I'm appalled that it is being used to erode my voting rights.

Gene Neubauer

King City

National Guard needs attention

At the meeting of the King City Dems Oct. 13 the members listened to two non-commissioned officers from the Oregon National Guard. Also attending was Rep. Larry Galizio. We were impressed with the report that Oregon businesses continue to step up to the needs of the Guard returnees. They open their hearts and businesses with good job offerings.

We were told also that Oregon is unique in the entire nation in providing the program offered for our returning National Guard. Our governor was mentioned as being involved in these programs, not surprising since Ted Kulongoski is an ex-leatherneck.

The sergeants said that more funding was necessary for the Veterans Administration as too many of the soldiers are returning wounded, in more ways than just physically. Helping in gaining funds for the veterans is our Congressman, David Wu, who continues to fight for veterans in Washington.

The King City Democrat Club urges all citizens to vote for Democrats Larry Galizio, Ted Kulongoski and David Wu.

Dan Barnes, President, King City Democrats

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